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Support - on and off for nearly a year!


I started writing a mammoth story but felt that was far too much info, so here is the condensed version:

Read Allen Carr – brilliant!! Gave up smoking on the 15[SUP]th[/SUP] June 2014. Went on holiday on the 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] August 2014 and smoked all week – approx 5-10 a day. Gave up AGAIN 11[SUP]th[/SUP] August 2014. Started smoking again on 25[SUP]th[/SUP] December through till 24[SUP]th[/SUP] January 2015.

Brought Allen Carr’s follow up book and stopped AGAIN. Was sooo positive this time. Was offered a cigarette on 5[SUP]th[/SUP] April and have been on and off since then.

I gave up again yesterday after I smoked approx 15 a day for 3 days.

I hate it. I am a runner and a singer. I went running last night and nearly coughed a lung up. I got a horrible nasty burning pain in my throat too. This was the reason I decided today was time to try again. I also have 2 gigs this weekend and have no idea if I have damaged my voice over the last week.

I just wonder if anyone else has experienced similar failings? I tell myself that smoking will destroy the 2 things I enjoy doing the most and yet still fall back into this trap. I have just bought Allen Carrs book again as I had a really old version. I am hoping that a newer edition might be easier to relate to.


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Quite a few of us on here have tried to quit many times. For me this time the penny seems to have dropped and whilst I can't say it's been plain sailing I am absolutely determined this will be my last quit. Read Allen Carr again, it helped me because a lot of the addiction is phsycological, if you can get your mind sorted the journey is easier. Post on here often. Keep the mantra NOPE not one puff ever.


Hi, and a very warm welcome to this amazing forum, indeed for many failed attempts happen, then a light bulb moment, happens, smoking does nothing for us,

Stick close to the forum, let's make this the quit, the one that counts

Read and post often, indeed it's a great help

Nice to have you with us


Thank you for your comments. I have a newer cope of Allen Carr coming today so actually looking forward to that. I know that will give me a new boost. Massive cravings last night after the gig particularly as I had a glass of wine. Signed up to an app though which gave me my first '24 hours smoke free' trophy and I couldn't bear to have to start again!

Thanks again - onwards and upwards! 😃


Hi Foxy :) Weirdly, I started a mammoth reply yesterday, but it vanished into the ether...

I'm a singer too, and hated myself for smoking - could hear the effect on my voice but still kept going...silly aren't we?! Sounds like you can stop ok, but you need to work on staying stopped - I was similar. You'll get there.

I read Allen Carr several times on several different quit attempts. It just seemed to take a while to sink in, or something. This time, I haven't read him again (ninety-nine days smoke free now!) but I've kept everything he says in mind.

For me, the most valuable and useful tool has been this forum and all who sail in her.

Good luck! x


Thank you Incy, always nice to hear from someone in the same boat. I know that smoking will jeopardise everything I have achieved singing wise - and I can't quite believe that I still 'want a fag'! Madness! The mind of a smoker hey? Well I'm checking into here all the time, reading the tips pages etc so feeling very optimistic today.

Thanks again for the comments.



Foxy – I've tried so many times to quit, and always seemed to fall just outside of the starting gate:( This time something just clicked inside me, which I honestly believe stemmed from the strength of this forum. I felt more prepared to fight for it, determined not to let anything get between me and this quit!! Just keep taking it one step at a time and trust me it gets easier as we get stronger each day. You can do it – repeat to yourself often 'NOPE' it helps our sub-conscious :D


Hiya kiddo, none of us can really understand why we continue to do something that we know is wrong, I don't think it would matter if we found out that we had cancer we would prob run outside to gave a smoke to 'calm our nerves' as much as performing is your life you still do it ! We understand, we are all here because we want to kick Nic into outer space somewhere where he can't hurt us anymore, the road is rough and jagged but not impossible, it's not a matter of someone telling you if you love singing you will give up, these people are not living in the same life as you or I, but with the determination of yourself and Allen Carr AND this forum (which has been fantastic for me) we can beat this xx


Just to add my bit and say hello. People above have it covered really and sound advice and support. I was tired of spending much of my winters with colds and bronchitis and I started running in 2013. As soon as I started smoking again that knocked that one on the head. I'm running again since I stopped this time and have registered for my first 10k in mid July. That would be impossible or extremely embarrassing if I smoked again. Dealing with that little window us smokers leave open to let Nic sneak in is a big challenge. Secure your windows and fit alarms. Come on here often and breathe well to stay grounded. Wishing you well


Well said walkabout :)


Thank you again. Fab comments. Had a particularly crap day today, but have resisted. Went a run this morning and felt 100% better than Thursday. Could actually breathe this time!

What plays on my mind the most is that I feel like I'm missing out - like I'm depriving myself the only thing I enjoy. Yet the 2 things I most enjoy are running and singing and the 3rd thing will destroy 1 and 2!!

I'm a quarter way through Finally Free, Allens book for women. A much later edition than the one I read originally. That man talks such sense - please sink in!!!!

Onwards and upwards, thank you for your support. 😊


Hey foxy, your doing great , just stay with it!!! I don't think anyone in the early part of a quit hasn't experienced that same feeling of missing out, an emptiness inside, or feeling of being deprived – look back over any of our posts in that first couple weeks and you'll hear our same words. But we do manage to muck through it, we either sleep it off, eat it off, run it off, cry it off or post if off – whatever it takes to just get through the moment.

It truly does get better tho, just have to believe in yourself and find what works for you. When it gets tough – try and close your eyes for a few, take a couple long deep breathes and focus only on your run this morning - how great it felt, you'll be surprised how quick that feeling of being deprived starts to disappear. And if that doesn't work, then might I suggest a bag of chips , washed down with a double chocolate milkshake:-)


Now now Que encouraging double chocolate milkshake and Chips, omg this could be heaven, I'm up for it 😀


If it's of any help atall, I find it useful to really remember that this is actually what I've wanted so badly for the last 10 years - to not be smoking!! I'm doing it, I've done it, OK so the happiness is extremely short lived at the moment, but it does help to remember how crappy it was to be a smoker who so desperately wanted to stop. I'd rather be a smoker who has stopped but is finding it desperately hard x


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