No Smoking Day
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Nearly gave in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh boy that was close...............:mad:

Had my tea and as usual missed my after tea fag but tonight it just wouldn't go away..............I ended up in tears :(

Haven't had one and am now ironing curtains to keep myself busy :mad:

I HATE ironing curtains and I HATE what fags have done to me :mad:

Made a deal with Gary and Passenger and I am not going to back out of it..........I CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry guys and thanks for listening.................mmmmmmmmm that's better.

Oh well back to the bloody curtains

Carol x

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sod curtains go take a nice long bath and try to relax.dont be too hard on urself i nearly done it yesterday and this morn! hubby left whole pack of smokes and was sooo tempted to take one.of course u can do this!!

if u hate what smoking has done to u have that one that u miss with ur tea and ur straight back at it,ur gonna loose to it.if u made a list of reasons read it again,if u can remember at its worst when u had too many and u have that awful cough and feel sick of it...theres no nice moments to it.

im right here for u u can make it,just dont give up now xxxxxxxxxx

hugs and kisses caz xxx


Thanks for that passenger..................I know I can do it, just tonight that feeling wont go away.............but dont worry I wont let it beat me. :)

I've been fine all day dont know what brought it on.

I'll be moving to week 2 at 11.45pm tonight though and I'll be waiting for you to arrive tomorrow :D

Carol x


i ll be there caz.wer still early in it i couldnt get rid of the feeling most of the day today its finally settling now.keep going and dont look back,cant do this without u buddy:D xxxxxxx


I know I'm just being too impatient...............smoked 40 a day for 35 years and expect to come off them and the feelings just to disappear.

I am not giving in on the eve of moving up to week 2........NO WAY

Fought too hard to get here and we have to meet Gary in Month 1 there is a cake up for grabs there :D

Carol x


yeah seen his post:) ur right i have smoked for 15 years,20 a day its early days when u think about it only a week smoke free to years of that.its damn hard but wer doing something good for ourselves and we ll make it xxx


Hi Carol :D

Sorry you feel rough tonight with the craves but just stick with it and tomorrow you'll feel so proud of yourself for not giving in

You're almost into week 2 now just take it a day at a time and it will get easier for you very soon


Marg xxxxxxxx


Thanks margareth

Wish it would hurry up though :D

Carol x


A big well done, youre doing so well .. i wish i had a magic wand to make it a breeze for us all its such a hard thing to do but will be so worth it .. day 11 almost over for me.. . feel better since yday although early evening i wanted to rip my patch off n have a fag .. but it was just a thought & it passed a lot quicker then previous cravings x

anyway good luck to us well done we are stars x


Where are you caz?

Staying strong I hope and that today is a really good day for you.

Just remember you can win this battle and the rewards at the end will be the best you could ever imagine.

Yesterday was yesterday think about what happened, learn from it and become stronger.

Keep going because you are really doing well.



Hi Gary

Don't worry I'm here...............:D

You don't get rid of me that easy!!!! Posted this morning at the back of 8am in WEEK 2.

Yes I'm staying with you and you had better have that cake ready.

Just been to the pub for lunch and was with someone that smokes and I did it I didn't have one..................

Carol x


Well done you. Its nice to hear.



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