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Start of Week 8 tomorrow and been lurking

Hi Quitters,

I've been lurking for the last 4 weeks and felt it was time to show my face. I've absolutely loved keeping up with all the shenanigans which go on here (they've definitely distracted me on more than a few occasions) but equally as important, I've really benefitted from the information I've gained which has helped me to understand what this dreadful addiction is all about. I've had a few long (ish) term quits under my belt but always felt that there was an underlying feeling of 'when' rather than 'if' I would start again.

The posts which were bumped by Una earlier today were the posts I came across when I first started lurking and I have to say that they were the start of me finding my light bulb moment.

I've not had an easy time during my first 7 weeks....the Champix has had an awful effect on my mood, even so, I would not trade these last 7 weeks in for anything. For anybody just starting out, please keep the faith and do whatever it takes to get through the tough times. It's worth the effort.

Right, where's the bar at? ;)

Mrs G

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Welcome Mrs G, and huge congratulations to you, seven weeks under your belt. I am pleased you have found the forum helpful and hope to see lots of posts from you now you have shown your face. I truly believe that the success of my quit is down to the support and friendship within this forum.

So heading towards the 2 month mark full throttle, I do hope you have a nice treat planned.

Nice to meet you Trea xx


Hello Mrs G and welcome. We quit at around the same time so if you want a quit buddy I am!!!!

Well done for making it to week 8 and speak to you soon.



Welcome the club Mrs. G and congrats on 8 weeks!!! Fantastic!!! We all know it has not been easy - so pat yourself on the back! :D


Welcome Mrs G and well done for getting to week 8, that's a fab start!!


Hello Mrs G and welcome!

As you are probably aware there is not a better place to visit when going through a quit - I certainly couldn't have done it without the support of this lovely bunch of people ... They are so uplifting and I have honestly laughed out loud at some of the conversations to-ing and fro-ing between them, they are seriously funny! It certainly distracts!

It is actually ten weeks this very day since I stopped (with the help of Champix), sorry you have had problems with it but all I had was nausea and a bit of sleeplessness.

Good luck and keep in touch with your undoubted progress :p:p:p:p x


Hi There,

8 weeks wow. Thats like an eternity. Well done. Im still working on week 2. Hope when i get to week 8 you are still here.



Hey Mrs G

I am on month 2 and although haven't been lurking only found the site yesterday, but it is most certainly keeping me entertained... so no idle hands for the devils work lol..

How your quit coming along?

and Well done thus far


Thank You All for the Lovely Warm Welcome

Hi all you lovely Quitters,

Thank you sooooo much for the warm's a lovely feeling to know that there are other people out there ready to listen and lend an ear without ever judging and, you know what, that's been enough encouragement for me. I think you are all gorgeous people and the best thing is that you don't need a prescription from the Doctor for this site!

I hope you've all had an OK week, or at least OK enough for you to have kept on track. I've not been online all week so am just going to have a nose through like a nosey neighbour peering thru' her curtains to see what you've all been up to and respond appropriately (or not!)

See you in the bar in bit ;)

Pam xxx


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