No Smoking Day
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starting again tomorrow!

hey everyone sorry for the emotional post the other day i wasnt on great form and my judgment was totally clouded by alcohol, although still pretty annoyed with myself i cant live in regret about things we cant change in the past so time to be positive about the future!

tomorrows a new day/fresh start for me and im ready to take on this commitment once again, (cold turkey) i think the longer i leave it the harder it will be so time to get back on the saddle asap :) i honestly dont know when i will be able to let myself have another drink again though as thats when slip ups/ relapses happen for me but thats just something ill have to decide for myself as time goes on.

look forward to joining use all on board tomorrow, thanks again :)

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also i have to note i did have a cigarette yesterday so im having to starting again completely fresh tomorrow day 1.


Wishing you strength for Day 1 tomorrow....

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How are you getting on today Nohassel ?


hey roisin.

been keeping busy today so minds been kept preoccupied which is good, however i'm definitely going through nicotine withdraw again as cravings are hitting hard!, still i know in time it will get easier so i'm just trying to keep positive with that in mind!, i've got to!! going to try and get an early night tonight as i was up super early today, i'm just hoping i sleep ok as my sleep isnt particularly great anyway, and ill just have to take day 2 as it comes, i know i can get to where i was before and further so i just have to put up with a bit of discomfort for now.


No problem! See you tomorrow!!


See you tomorrow Nohassel - we are all here for you - put that blip out of your mind and start again fresh tomorrow, in the knowledge that smoking didn't make you feel any better anyway...

I'm currently sat here typing this as my other half has 'nipped out for one' and I know damn well that when he comes back he will stink of it. No good to anyone.

You CAN do this!

Keep in touch,

Mel :D

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appreciate the post mel thanks, just got to get back in the zone now, i know once i get a couple weeks past me ill feel much better its just the initial first few days that are quite a thought, never mind better getting it over and done with now rather than later. :)

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Definitely hun and you're welcome, just returning the support that you have shown me over the past month - thank you.

Mel :D x

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Hi , I know exactly how you feel

It's so hard

I had a relapse yesterday 😩

After a week of no smoking

Went away for night with my partner and had a few wines then

Had a evil stick

I'm so mad at myself

But yes you have to just think

Yes I'm going to start a fresh

A new day

Each time I think it makes us stronger

We will get there

We just have to keep trying 😊

Lots of positive thoughts sent your way

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thanks jojulian

yeah its very frustrating at times i think we can all agree on that, it takes a big commitment to go smoke free and to stick with it most importantly! but being realistic were all bound to have slip ups along the way as we are only human after all, i guess we just have to try and learn from our mistakes so we don't fall into a trap and make them again (thats whats really annoying!) for me its having a couple of beers at the pub with my friends thats when i need to keep my guard up! but its pretty hard as our judgement gets impaired after a few and thats when bad choices happen been there soooo many times, thing is i don't want to give up alcohol i don't have a problem with it but if it keeps causing me to relapse and start smoking/vaping again then mabye i need to think twice the next time my mates are going out for drinks! or just limit myself to one of two haha until im completely confident, sorry to hear you had a wee blip yourself as you say just got to keep at it and we WILL GET THERE!!! :)


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