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No Smoking Day
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Day 8 and start of week 2!

Well I made it through week 1 - yay! Quite a few cravings but beaten them all down with a big stick! I have ordered the Allen Carr book as I think it might be useful to tackle my mindset and keep me quit for good.

It's been really useful to come on this forum and see other peoples experiences, and share mine as my friends in the really world don't smoke and have no idea !

Karen :-)

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congrates Hun :D

I too ordered Allen Carr book it was helpful :) also reading summit online called natural quitting that's interesting too

Keep going Hun xx



I have read the Allen Carr book and have attended his workshops and find that it has helped me and still helps me in stopping smoking - I do think he was a genius in his unique approach.


I think we have a lot in common Mich, I am a 40 year old woman who has smoked for 24 years and quitting cold turkey and this forum!


Kazzy and Mich

Good to see you supporting each other, BBF's:).

Fi x


Welcome to the forum!

Kazzy and Mich you have come to the right place to quit and have found each other for support, aswell as all the other members of this great forum. Good luck with your quits:D


Thank you guys for encouragement - almost at end of day 9, getting easier (sort of)!

My Allen Carr book arrived today so a bit of bed time reading for me later!!


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