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8 weeks quit this sunday

Hi everyone. I've been lurking here since early July, and on July 7 I had my last cigarette and quit on July 8. This Sunday will be 8 weeks and next weekend will be 2 months officially quit. I had been a full-time smoker for over 6 years

I did want to sign up, though, a few weeks ago, as I had fell into a serious depression, the worst I've experienced possibly ever. I questioned my friendships, my place in life, longed for a relationship because I'm not in one, etc...

It went away when I realized I wasn't taking my vitamins, but recently, I still feel a little down and even my exercise routine that I started when I quit has suffered. I know if I keep exercising I won't feel as bad, but some days it's not enough. When I smoked cigarettes, these thoughts might have lingered, but would eventually float away with a puff. Is there something else I can do to relieve my depressing thoughts?

Anyway, this forum is one of the reasons I got through the first couple of weeks, with help from the book "The Easy Way to Stop Smoking" and lots and lots of water. Great to be here officially :)

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Hello Darkshade and welcome. 8 weeks tomorrow is amazing. Very well done. Please keep at it.

You know....all of us get a bit down....a lot down at times. I think its just human nature....the way we are made. We have to just live with it. You know that smoking wouldnt alter how you feel. It wouldnt. It would just mask it. I think the questions you are asking yourself at the moment are good healthy ones. You probs wouldnt have even asked them if you carried on smoking. You will find what it is that makes you happy. You will.

Especially now that you arent kidding yourself anymore that smoking is the answer to all your problems.


Hi Darkshade and welcome to the forum.

It is awful to feel depressed, it really is. Excersise is one of the best ways to combat it, so please dont let that slip. As Dippy says all of us get down, I have been down these last few weeks and I have to remind myself that smoking wont make me feel better infact I think it would make me feel worse. I gave up for a reason, the reason being I did not want to smoke anymore, I knew it could give me an awful disease and kill me.

Please keep at it and keep up the exercise.Have you sought medical advice for the depression? Maybe that would be a good idea?

Keep reading posts on this forum and ask for help and advice any time you need it, there will always be someone here who will help and advise you.


Hi dark shade

Well done on 8 weeks

Like most ppl who no me on this forum I sufferd really bad with anxiety and depression. The depression has lifted but I still get the anxiety no and again

I no it sounds horrible but the only advise I can give u is just to ride it out as that's all that worked for me. I also take a vit B12 complex and that has help with my anxiety a good deal. I also exercise but never pushed my self to it it I fix t fancy it I did t do it. If I wZnted stay in bed all day I did.. Do what ur body is telling u do weather it's cry scream. Punch pillows. Etc.

So I just rode it out buy doing what my body wanted me to do that day. Cuz if I forced my self to to the opposite I Wud feel worse


Thanks for the kind words everyone. It's been 2 months officially this past Saturday, here's working towards 2 more months.:)


This is really lovely to hear Darkshade.......and with a smiley face too. Well done on 2 months. Hope things are feeling lighter for you. :)


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