Starting week three tomorrow

I'm about to start my third week of this quit "attempt" tomorrow. The problem is that it doesn't feel like an attempt. I haven't had any cravings whatsoever, I haven't had to talk to myself, and I've had my gf round at my place puffing loads in front of me without the slightest wish to join her. I just feel indifferent to smoking, take or leave it. My choice is to leave it.

I feel lucky (guilty?) to have stumbled into this frame of mind. But still, I know there could be danger ahead.

I'm waiting for the Nicomonster to ambush me out of nowhere, but so far he hasn't dared come near me. It's as though he knows I'm going to give him a hard time if rears his ugly head. He should be afraid, very afraid.


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  • Michael,

    sounds similar to how I have felt this time, but as I posted on Amy's thread earlier, I pulled into the garage earlier to buy ciggies - was not even craving, was just force of habit. But it showed me what I have suspected - this quit will ONLY be broken by complacency by me. It is almost like I am too comfortable and that is what destroyed my last quit - the feeling of just one puff 14 or so months later, then I went another month so my mind tricked me into thinking I could handle a couple on a night out.

    Despite limited cravings since day 3 (only one evening of cravings I can recall) I know that I could slip up any day and hope not too.

    Keep up the good work :)

  • :)

    hey guys,

    well done on feeling like that! dont worry about it, be proud that you are cruising along through the weeks without a battle!!

    I am just in week 3 myself. I havent struggled too much (except when ive had a few wines - but i struggled on) although i dont know if i'm doing so good as i'm still scoffing niquitin mini's. But with them I'm fine so i'm going to keep taking them and wean myself off them eventually when i feel a bit stronger!!

    well done again, looking forward to joining you cruising up the forum :D


  • oops i am actually only week 2 - day 15. haha i am a numpty!!

    I'll catch up with u eventually ;)


  • oops i am actually only week 2 - day 15. haha i am a numpty!!

    I'll catch up with u eventually ;)


    It's a bit confusing how the weeks work, but we all seem to work them as follows,

    week 2 - 8 - 14 days (being the second week you haven't smoked)

    week 3 - 15 to 21 days

    Month 1 - 22 days to calender month of your quit date +1 day (so for you 09th Dec)

    so on and so forth, hope this helps :D


  • must make us feel better being a week in front!!

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