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Starting Week 4 Tomorrow


I'm feeling quite proud of having quit, but a bit disappointed that my quit time isn't going fast enough. I'm starting week 4 tomorrow, but I'd really love to already be in the 1 year+ club. I don't know if anyone else has this sensation? It's as though the time I've quit seems puny compared to the amount of time I smoked. I know I shouldn't really think of it in those terms, but I do :(

Anyway, thus far I've been doing really well, with no major cravings. I think the fact that I gave up long-term once before helps me know that I can do it. That, plus the recent health scare; I had a deep-vein thrombosis, which even if not directly related to smoking (it may or may not be the cause), we all know that smoking has a bad effect on blood flow!

I'm really looking forward to having some more quit time under my belt, regaining my health and especially my taste buds (when does that come back, I have forgotten?) Especially, I MUST remember that "just one cig" is the end of the quit, and the start of a slippery slope toward 40 a day :mad:

Wishing all the best to everyone. You CAN do it!!!

Cheers, Michael.

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Hey Hey big man

Save me a seat, I will be joining you on Tuesday!!

Tea, white one sugar please!!


Hi Michael

and well done on reaching the 4 week goal :D i guess we all see the days/week goals pass in a different way when it came up that i had reached my 4 week goal on thrusday i was stunned as it didnt feel like it had been that long and im still waiting for the something to happen within me to annouce that im not a smoker anymore it wasnt untill i reread my list of reasons to stop that i suddenly realised that alot has changed within my body

i suppose because you gave up before for such a long time might take you longer for the concept of the time issue to not a big issue the fact that your still not smoking after 4 whole weeks is brill and if you want to go even further work out how many hours mins secs its been since you had your last ciggy

oh and how many you havent smoked as well :)

best regards carol

ps hope that has helped if not im sure someone here will have the right words

Well done Michael. I think that 4 weeks is wonderful. I get there this Friday, I cant wait. But I know what you mean. If I had stuck with it in my 1st serious attempt it would be almost 30 years now and I think my skin would be less lined.

Then again if I 'd said no to my psycho sister when she gave me the first cigarette at 12... but that way lies madness, and for all my desire to stop there is far too much vanilla in the never tried it camp for me to be envious of them.:eek:

Keep up the good work. I do understand your frustration, but equally Rome wasn't built in a day! It is only through the slow plodding path that we get to the goal!


I so know what you mean, i've just entered week 3 (day 15) and although this is massive it just doesn't seem quick enough. I want to reach the status that i see as a NON smoker, and the moment i still feel like a smoker that doesn't smoke, :(

Last night i really fancied a smoke, I wasn't stressed, or hassled or even really craving, Just fancied it (well, thought i did any way). but i guess that's the habit talking. Settled for a couple of choccies and an irish coffee :D

So i guess we all have to ride it out, and maybe if we could fast forward to the one year club it might make us complacent.....It's easy to forget that each and every day is an acheivement for us all. Praps that's why it seems to go so slowly once you start talking in weeks or months instead of days. The 365 day club sounds so much better than 1 year.

......I'm rambling.....nuff said.

Keep up the good work everyone, and enjoy that it's one less New Years resolution we don't have to worry about making or breaking :D:D


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