Starting champix tomorrow!

Hey all :)

I am so glad I have found this website as I am very nervous about starting champix tomorrow.

I did a lot of research in to this, and only seem to have found bad experiences on several websites... some websites where families could go to tell their experiences on family members suicides because of these tablets!

But I have found lots of good things about these tablets on these websites and I am really hoping they work for me as I've tried patches, gum, inhalators, hypnosis, alan carrs book etc...

I'd love to hear some peoples experiences, good or bad, so I know what to expect :) I am planning on having 2 pieces of toast every morning to try and prevent the nausea, as this seems to be quite a common side effect! Hopefully I wont get depressed, as I do have a history of depression but I never had to have anti-depressants for this!

It would be nice to hear from some people who have quit using champix and people who are in the process of quitting :D

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  • Champix

    :)Hi Becky, I used Champix and I found them to be brilliant! I had a bit of nausea and some very weird dreams but apart from that nothing. I really think they have helped me quit. Good luck and post and let us know how you go with them. I hope you find them as helpful as I did.

  • Hi Becky

    I quit using Champix and found it a godsend. I was lucky and had no side effects just some very good dreams which I still miss :D

    Make sure you eat and drink plenty before you take your tablet. I used to take my morning one at about 10.30am once I'd had a good breakfast and loads of fluids and my evening one after I'd eaten and I never had any nausea.

    Try and avoid too much alcohol if you can - you'll find most of the negative, scary stuff posted on other forums usually involve someone that was trollied :rolleyes: Drinking on top of any drugs is never really a good idea!

    Best tip I can give is to try and relax and don't be in a rush to quit. Set your quit date and stick with it. The champix needs time to get into your system. I've seen so many people post who've tried to quit before they've even got onto the higher dose and then they struggle.

    If you've suffered from depression before keep an eye on how you're feeling and if you're worried about anything speak to your GP or quit nurse :)

    Good luck with your quit - I'm sure you'll do fine.

  • Thanks you two :D I am really excited about tomorrow and being able to start

    these tablets! Hopefully they'll work as well for me as they have for you! :)

  • Hi Becky

    I've been on champix for 4 weeks and had exactly the same concerns before taking it.... in fact I had the prescription for 2 weeks before I started to take it. All I can say is my own experience is that it does have some unpleasant side effects...l however, my thoughts are that I'd rather have a couple of months of feeling icky than suffer the effects of continuing as a smoker.

    Good luck with it Becky, and if you want to ask any questions about champix I'm more than happy to share my experience so far.

    I'll look forward to your posts to see how you get on

    Lauren xx

  • Hi Becky

    i found this, even though im on day 5 it really helped undersand what im up against, it may seem aimed at potential smokers but hey it helped me

  • Hi Becky,

    I quit 9 weeks ago using champix. Dont worry about all the horror stories you read online. I felt a little "hungover" the first few days I took them and had some crazy dreams that were pretty fun.I dont think i would have lasted the first 3 weeks without the champix. Just go for it. you'll be fine & best of luck with your quit.


  • Hi Becky,

    I am using Champix to aid my quit. I have a history of depression, which has crippled me in the past. I have attempted suicide on more than one occasion. I have found that now I'm not smoking I am the happiest I have been in a long time. Sure I had the nausea but it's barely noticeable from I stopped smoking and I was tired for my first week but it really is worth it. You may get withdrawals but Champix will make them bearable. Good luck and keep us up to date on your quit

  • Hi Becky,

    I am on Champix too and as has already been said, the nausea and weird dreams are the worst so make sure you eat plenty before you take them and drink plenty of water. And the dreams are great fun, like going to the cinema for free!! They do help with the cravings but they won't do the whole job for you so you still need willpower which I'm sure you have.

    Meanwhile, keep posting on here and let us know how you are getting on.

    All the best,


  • Thanks everyone you have all made me feel so much better :)

    I did have to stop myself from having another nosey on google as the thought of depression and suicidal thoughts really does scare me, as I have suffered from these before and I really don't want to end up feeling like this again! (not due to champix, I just had depression)

    I'll keep you all posted on how it goes, hopefully it'll work as well for me as it has for you!

  • Hi Becky,

    Just wondered how things are going on Champix? I started it today and can say Im slightly apprehensive!!

    Boo x

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