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Just when I thought it was getting easier.......

Today has knocked me for six, I was feeling sooo good this morning but now I'm agitated and pissed off! I know a cig won't be a good idea, I don't know why I keep thinking about it!!!!!! It's not going to make anything better is it!

The last week has been a breeze but today I feel like day one all over !

Why oh why oh why!!!!?

Sorry needed to vent! Half way through evening care calls and feeling bit pathetic!;(x going to stop feel sorry for myself and breathe slowly!

Maybe it's time I try the recommended kitbag chunky! ;)

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Wooders, you have done so well, this little Imp has been sent to test you, a test

I am sure you'll pass with flying colours. Have a chunky kitkat, or even better have two:eek:, you deserve it. Tomorrow is another day, and WILL be easier again :D

Aaaah Wooders you will have days like this but they will get fewer and futher between. They are just horrible when they come and take you by surprise like that. You just have to dig deep and get through them cos tommorow you will feel a lot different and probably back to normal.

You have done amazingly well, stay strong it is so worth it:) Chunky Kit kats are a tried and trusted remedy:)

Chunky Kit kats are a tried and trusted remedy:) are frozen grapes;) are frozen grapes;)

I dont know why but the thought of them puts my teeth on edge:eek:

Me too, haven't tried them, never will. Now chunky kitkats are another matter:D

Feeling for you Wooders

These feelings do come out of the blue and throw you a curved ball, but the way you deal with them will make you stronger in the long term.

Firstly I would say you did exactly the right came on here and ranted...that's what it's here for..the bad times as well as the good.

I have been guilty of wallowing in self pity if I'm honest and I have to say it's a dangerous avenue to go down.

Doubt usually follows from these feelings you have had today so the main thing you have to do is...never...ever .... doubt your decision to quit.

It is the best and most important decision you have ever made in your life and may I say....the RIGHT one.

Keep your memory green as to why you quit in the first place.

Breathe deep & slow and take time to feel how much easier it is to do it! :)

(I can't remember the last time I coughed since I quit.....most mornings were spent coughing my "toes through my nose" in the morning!)

Nice endorphins are always a good way out....chocolate or exercise (including excitement - now....what can be exercising and exciting..hmmm?! ;)) are the two ends of the plenty to choose from there :)

I hope the next time you log on you feel much better about your quit, the wheels will be back on and you can keep rolling as you were.

Take care


Hey there Wooders, glad you posted.

Another excellent response from Nifty. And you said it yourself...." I felt sooo good this morning....the last week has been a breeze..."

So, really? It's not getting any easier matey?

I'm with you, today for me wasn't the best, I've been in the office and stuck on goddam awful conference calls all day. With an imp on my shoulder reminding me that I can't smoke, the coffee's awful, if I go outside for a walk its just through a car park and what happened to the good life?

Well the imp's gone. Now I'm looking at posts from a bunch of fellow quitters, who i've convinced myself are as nuts as I am. But only a bit nuts, and just from the experience, it can do that to you. I'm reminded every day that I'm not alone in this and humour is a great healer, as is time, and respect to you all, doing so well!

Have a chunky KitKat like Haze? I've even tried some frozen grapes, and I was glad to meet janeissane albeit virtually, and I have to agree. They did nothing for me except put my fillings on edge. I might as well have shoved them up my ar5e! :rolleyes:

Wooders, you're a fearsome Christmas Conqueror, keep it going!


Thankyou all soo much, must admit did have a blub in the car oops it all got a bit too much! ( and a peanut butter kitkat chunky- amazing!;) )

Haha I do need to man up!!!!

Thankyou oh wise ones! Yep guess giving up not just for Christmas! We are in it for the long haul!

Reflecting over my day could have been worse, just obviously feeling slightly sensitive! Tomorrow is going to be better and a fag will just ruin all the good work wouldn't it!

Frozen grapes and the other happy endorphin activities ;) is the way forward!

Thanks for listeningxxx

Loved this thread..helped me again tonight remembering those dark early days struggling so much it was awful....and then I found KIT KAT saviour, from 8/9 a day I am now down to 1/2 which is progress...even now when I go in a shop and see them on the counter I chuckle to myself....such a simple thing that takes this addiction and kicks it up the arse.....gorgeous tasting chocolate with a cup of tea? or a white stick packed with the most powerful addictive drug known to man stuffed with 4000 chemicals which cause you to DIE!!!!!!.......No choice for me....25 days nicotine free and so proud :)

Wow 8/9 a day boss dean that is impressive!! What variety or do you mix it up on the ole kitkat chunky? So far I've only tried the peanut butter and coconut ones. Have I missed a favourite or is the original the best one?

I'm having a better day today, actually able to crack a smile... Craves gone for now I'm ready for the next one!

Welldone on your quit so far, doing fabxx

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