No Smoking Day
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Day 6 - not been here before!

So far so good - is about the best i can come up with today.

OH smoked, but i did not. Mum and brother smoked in pub garden lunch today but i did not.

Feel like i'm being slowly worn down by a series of mental battles though....just trying to hang on until i hit another "upside" of not smoking. i know in reality it's all upside but it's just not feeling like it right now.

I am pleased to get to day 6 though.....

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you are doing great!! i know how hard this can be but you gotta get through it..use the tools we whatever it takes not to smoke and you know you will be so happy when you get to that upside:cool:

there will ALWAYS be someone somewhere that is going to smoke.. as long as you dont your the winner..good luck hun


Bl00dy brain!

OMG - SOOOOOOO fed up,

Brain: "Shall we smoke?".

Me: "NO, that's not an option"

Brain: "Ok then. But what about later, shall we smoke then?"

Me: "Err NO, none today at all, we had this discussion",

Brain "Oh, ok then. But are you sure?"


Brain: "What good reason can i think of to get some nicotine? Hmmmm - OH hasnt been doing his share of housework. You havent done any revision in a while and need to smoke with that. etc etc

Me "No, you know all these are lame"

Brain "GRRRRRRRR. Fine you leave me no alternative but to make you moody all evening"

Brain: "Next time can be your proper quit"

Me: "We've done THAT before - NO, it's a lie"

Brain: "But you got further this time, you know you CAN do it now"

Me: "So I'll carry on then"

Brain: "No dont do that you'll be carrying on even though you still WANT to smoke and that's no way to live"

Me: "SHUT UP, it wont always be like this"

Brain: "Sure?"

Brain: "Look you dont really need an excuse, just do it and it's done"

Me: "Cant live with the guilt of that one"

Brain "Yeah but you dont need to worry about guilt, cos once it's done it's done"


Brain: "Be angry all you like, you've not got anything else going on we can sit here and think about it all eve"

Me: "OK, distraction, let's read a book"

Brain: "Oh look that character's could do that"

Me: "No, ok let's tidy up"

Brain "Ok then after, we'll have a fag"

Me "Look we dont want to smoke or we wouldnt have started this whole thing would we"

Brain: "Perhaps, but you can always change your mind"

Me "What about my reasons - they are still valid"

Brain: "True, but they'll be valid tomorrow too"

ALL bleedin afternoon:(


Lulabelle, hats off to you today for getting through that, with the family smoking aswell, I absolutely applaud you - well done. A lot of people would have cracked but yoiu didnt give in, if you can get through that then I promise it will get easier.

The discussions with your brain will get less and less and you will soon learn to deal with him with a two word reply f... o.. , works for me at the mo. You will over the next few days have more thoughts of "hell I havent thought about cigarettes at all for an hour, two hours and so on"

You are doing incredibly well and have won the battle today, big hug:D


Thanks Tracey :) All i've come up with for now is "just dont smoke today" ....sort of pretending i can have 100 cigs tomorrow as long as i dont smoke today and counting on waking up in a better frame of mind :D


Hi Lulabelle

I echo Tracey. Really well done in keeping up with the quit and winning the argument all the time. It is hard, but as she says it does get easier and you'll find that the F*** O** really does work.

The one day at a time thing is spot on. Lie to Mr Brain. Actually it's not Mr Brain it's Mr Nicodemon who's doing the talking.

Keep going babes, you are doing so incredibly well.



Thanks Dale - it's amazing that even a "virtual" pat on the back does make you feel so much better :)

And to paint a fair picture and remember the good as well i must add that for my first Saturday not smoking in years, i had a lot more time.

Usually i get up, shower, then go on the computer with a coffee and cigs - can lose self in internet for ages and the cigs rack up. However today i got up and knew i didnt want the computer association so i...

- put dry washing away

- hung wet washing up

- put new wash on

- waxed legs

- cleaned bathroom

- emptied bins


And the 'you' time? You're doing so very well that you deserve a bit of time doing something you enjoy.

Brilliant that you're getting so much done, and I know how virtuous I'd feel :D, but I do think you need to give yourself a present in terms of something nice that you like doing - no-one likes doing the washing!!!

For me it's this forum as I'm a complete geek and any excuse to play on my iPad or computer is a joy!

Anyhow VERY big pat on back, could have been a disastrous day but you DID IT!!!!!



i have had these conversations with myself many times :o we all do but so long as we are still smoke free we can talk to ourselves all we like!!:)


Excellent conversations, I recognise that dialogue, but both voices are your brain. It's just the 'let's smoke shall we' side is the part of your brain that I call your inner junkie.

Call this whining little voice 'brain' and you might almost think it capable of rational argument. Inner junkie, though, is just a snivelling, twitching, sweaty, ugly, conniving, manipulative, lying little f***er who will do and say absolutely anything to get a fix.

Inner junkie will try to sulk and mope and make you so miserable you cave. But your rational brain KNOWS things will get better and easier as time goes by, and knows why you're doing this. So grit your teeth. You're stronger than that pathetic creature, and he won't be able to keep it up forever.

One hour, one day at a time. This too shall pass.

H xxx


Brilliant Lula, I'm sure most of have been /are going through those thought processess.


That whole conversation is just brilliant Lula - that's just how it can be!! :D

Well done on getting through Day 6 - a superb achievement! And by the time you read this, you'll be well in to Day 7 - how fantastic is that??? :D

As for your OH smoking - mine does too. I don't mind really - it just adds to my feelings of superiority! ;)


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