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Day 10 and feeling really grumpy


I don't know why but suddenly feel really irritated and grumpy grrrr ....

I haven't mentioned my boyfriend works for the same company AND for the same department! that probably has been part of the issues we've had.... so here I am sitting at my desk feeling like I'm ready to have a go aaaargh!!!

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Im sure if he loves you he will let you let off steam at him without even trying to defend himself from his obviously deliberate attempts to wind you up, i know i would let you let off steam........ANYWAY BACK TO REALITY lol........

hang in there girl


thanks Jack :)

he's not the one winding me up... he's been lovely and supportive really. I'm just feeling like I NEED to have a go at someone!

Might buy a punching ball tonight! lol

Seems to the general feeling today....edgy, irritated, down, we are all at it...

Middle of the week and no sunshine.....

Black Wednesday...x

All pull yourselves together

Just look what your doing to me,


Now all you miserable buggers say sorry for even contemplating fagging it or else


ha ha! love the cat! I've seen it on FaceBook before...

ok... sorry Murph .. will try to cheer up, all I need is to choose my victim thoroughly, hahaha (maniacal laughter :D )

Must admit week 1 seemed to be easier than week 2!! At least we have each other :)

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