End of month test I mean treat!

Day 31 for me today and I think I can safely enter the month 2 room. OH taking me out as a treat tonight as I am doing well, babysitter the lot. Scared tbh as we know alcohol is a difficult one. I am going to enjoy it though, determined. Refused a few girls nights this month because that feels toooo much but a meal should be doable now 😬 OH smokes mind but I've dealt with that at home. Anyway I sound scared I know but I don't smoke and life is good so I'm not hiding. Lets do this x

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  • Have an amazing night out AnnMarie - you deserve it and some! Will there be dancin'? xx

  • Enjoy yourself

  • Well done, and have a great time, here's to many more end of month treats x

  • Enjoy your celebrating. Maybe your OH will be brought over from the dark side :)

  • Oh yes a huge treat needed, a whole month WOW fantastic doing great.

    I do hope you had lovely night out

  • Yeah I hope your night out was great. Congratulations on getting the first month under your belt. I wonder what you will be looking forward to next?

  • Hope you had a fab night AnnMarie :)

  • Hope you had a great night hun, ya definitely deserve it!! Whole month :-) you're doing so great!!! Xx

  • Well I've had better nights out. It was a struggle at times with stupid thoughts of how life will never be the same and nights out are no good because I can't smoke. But I ignored them and in between them popping up it was lovely. Thing is I did it and I believe (thanks to all you wonderful ex smokers )that this is a process and in another month it will get even easier. Compared with week 1 I only get this now in times of stress or alcohol as opposed to all day long so times a healer right😄

  • You know it's true - next time it will be tons easier :) Focus on the good bits my lovely, and remember that smoking's not actually fun anyway...all the sore-eyes, chapped-lips, hanging around in the rain, stinky hair etc etc you know all this! We've both done really well AnnMarie, we need to keep it in our heads how important quitting is, and how it was a decision we made for really good reasons :D End of pep-talk/lecture/statement of obvious facts :p

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