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grumpy, miserable,fed up!!!!

Hi to all, I am about to have a RANT. My OH is literally driving me up the wall. He lost his job 4years ago, i dont work due to a long term illness. But at least i get off my arse and do volunteering. Il come to the point promises he makes just dont get done, so we argue and im a bit of a bitch when i get going. But he calls me grumpy , moody before we have a tif. Well i think its time to consider to have a fag now i have totally had enough of being told im miserable ok i know what ive said in my posts about having one wont change anything , but it will i then wont be miserable il just smell and my friends will say but you were doing so well. But they dont live with my OH. He has made me feel like this. Will this thought pass i dont know anymore. I just feel like sh** at this moment in time. Im thinking hard i dont really want one i guess im angry just the thought of a fag that doesnt seem to go away and 11weeks 2days quit. I think ive calmed down now but i guess we wont be talking. Still at least i have this forum and you lovely people who are full of inspiration. Yes i know its the bad 3's i think. No i have decided im not giving in i have got further this quit than last year.

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Sorry I did giggle at your description of your OH I think it’s a common moan but one thing you have to get into perspective is that there were times when you smoked that you were grumpy, be honest with yourself on this one and I am sure that I am right.

We all see things from rose coloured glasses when we think back to our brilliant lives as smokers, how great we felt how loving we were what a fantastic life we lead, Boll**** it’s all a dream and we didn’t just smell we got nasty when for some reason we couldn’t get a fix at the desired time and in reality we spent about one hour a day in total smoking if you smoked 20 cigs as it works out to about 3 mins per cig, how easy is it to not smoke for one hour? When you get a crave or whatever you want to call it sit down, close your eyes and imagine the whole process of smoking that cig, then after go wash your hands clean your teeth have a glass of water whatever just to create a routine.

I hope you don’t smoke as I promise you that you WILL regret it big time.


I'm sorry Fleetwood, I almost had a bit of a giggle too!

I truly love my o/h and he is a dear in so many ways (of course he can be a bit of an arse too), but since my quit, I literally HATE the air he breathes. In bed sometimes, when I hear him breathe in and out.....pillow....AKKK

I attribute many (not all) of my feelings towards my quit. It too shall pass.

oh, he is coming in and don't want him to read this.(will sleep with one eye open)



Oh Fleetwood on the one the hand I'm sorry you're having a rough time, but on the other it made me laugh too! Mainly because I can relate to every word you've written.

My OH gave up at the same time as me and so we are as bad as each other in terms of the bad temper... Well obviously I'm sweet tempered and lovely and he's a total arse. But the number of times I have come within a gnats whisker of mutilating him and then feeding the bits to the dogs cannot be counted.

Sometimes he just stands, or sits, or breathes wrongly. Grrrrrrrrr

I am sure it will pass as the longer termers aren't all divorced or up for murder. At least if they are they haven't admitted it!

So grit your teeth and do NOT let him push you into smoking



~~~I have a lovely new patio but I have to admit I havent seen my other half since the day it was laid, coincidence or what, maybe he laid down and fell asleep :eek: you dont think :rolleyes: he is under it do you?

Oh well I am still quit :D


~~~I have a lovely new patio but I have to admit I havent seen my other half since the day it was laid, coincidence or what, maybe he laid down and fell asleep :eek: you dont think :rolleyes: he is under it do you?

Oh well I am still quit.

I hope you're not fessing up to something!!! :confused::eek:



Dont be silly he is still here

somewhere :D


Oh you are all so lovely and im glad i made you giggle because i have just read all of your replies with tears of laughter too. And jen i love the way you talk about your OH we are so much on the same wavelength i can so relate to it. And you other peeps are so funny. Loved reading all your replies and thankyou for all your support. Well you will all be pleased i did not have a fag because i didnt want one after i had written my rant i had calmed down. And my OH went to have a bath, i did think of drowning him ...but i didnt want to flood the bathroom. Lol. Once again thankyou to you all for being so damned right honest.


Fleetwood..............DON'T YOU DARE:mad:


Acchh, wait till the bathroom floor needs a good wash before you drown him! "kill" two birds with one stone.

Glad you are feeling better Fleetwood; think we all are too.



We are such a creative lot... New patio, clean bathrooms and cheap dog food. Woe betide anyone who REALLY pisses us off!

Mwah HAAAAA ha:D


Well nearly threw my hubbie down the stairs, why coz he is getting on my nerves:mad: He is still smoking, and he is the one that always kept on about giving up but since I have, no mention of it! I don't think he ever thought I could do it. He is eating everything cakes, chocs, biscuits, that I can't have, and not putting on weight, it's not fair:( But he still got loads of patience with me how he hasn't divorced me I DON'T KNOW. I've been a right bitch to him.

So you see you are not the only one there's qite a few of us.



I know what you mean Maria; the looks I give my o/h would frizz hair and he can still look at me with love. Bloody well amazes me. I would have drowned me in the tub by now (but won't tell him that)



laughing too much!!


I did take u serious but then the tears in my eyes stopped me,

r u watching from my house?

hope you are over your blip!

love the way we help each other! :)


at least he notices !

I used to own a chippy and a lady gave up smoking because her non smoking hubby kept moaning!

one day she told me she gave up smoking, then for the next 19 weeks she came in every Friday to get fish & chips and update me, I sold the chippy before he noticed she had stopped,

I would love to know how long it took him

keep up the good work!



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