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Day 9


And a bit of a thought on my new found smoke free life.

A few months ago, my car was written off in an accident. Nothing serious but just a bit of a bump to the boot. So anyhow I go and purchase a new car. Same, make, model everything the same except its now silver. I always loved my old car and the silver car, should be the same but its not.

You have to get used to another clutch, it's not as quick or as clean but tough your old car has gone and you'd better get used to it. So you clean it up, chuck your belongings into it. You drive it places, you stall. You are a little more hesitant pulling out of junctions.

In time you realise that actually the silver one is better and maybe there were faults with the other one. This one is easier to drive. The suspensions not as bumpy, the steering could've done with tracking and in time you realise you are doing less work. You're not thinking how to drive the silver one and it becomes your car.

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yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to day 9 Fore :D

and very well put!!! ...Very soon that Silver car will feel and fit like a glove and you will forget how the old car was and like this one much better ;)

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