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DAY 5 Commecnes

Good morning all, here to day 5 almost at the one week mark!!!!

after a fantastic day 3, day 4 was not so good, a slight depression came over me, only lasted an hour or so but that empty feeling came back later inthe after noon. The good news was, there was not even one slight temptation to have one, no thoughts of even if ijust have one! i guess im just dealing with getting used a new way of life!! a small expamle would be, yesterday in Starbucks on a gorgeous day, i would sit outside and smoke with my coffee, yesterday I sat inside! i enjoyed it more dont get me wrong as i had a sofa seat but that small satisfaction was not there but i know thats the battle im under!!!! i got through it no problem, by tea time i was back to normal and carried on the rest of the evening. I did find doing self pampering helped a lot, long soak in bath with a glass of wine ect :-)

I slept pretty crap last 2 nights but i think im coming down or have a cold, cant stop sneezing and i know this is part of the withdrawal and will pass, im so glad i choose to quit whilst away from work so the restless nights the feeling of grogginess are not stopping me from performing at work, hooefull by tuesday i will be a lot more setteld.

Today i feel really good again like day 3 and starting to understand my behaviour more!! whilst i feel this good i know in my heart i am winning this battle but when that nicotine pang comes, i know the devil is tempting me to give in but i have to fight it, fight it hard!!

on a really positive note, my partner said to my lastnight on getting ready for bed, " your skin on your face looks amazing, really clear, i cant beleive after 4 days the difference"

have a great days peeps


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Well done Derek. Keep up the good work. I was wondering how you were doing as I hadn't seen a post from you in a while. Rio here we come!!!!!




Day 5 already how great is that

yahhh go Derek go


yes your still going to get constant reminders and yearnings thats natural but your doing a grand job of staying quit and just remember it does get easier the further along you go

stay positive and keep saying to yourself

i choose not to smoke today or better yet

im not going to be a slave to a white poisonous expensive addictive stick anymore

onwards and upwards Derek is the way to go :)



Thanks M&C, thanks for the support, its so good to pop on a have a rant good or bad!!!

knowing im not the only one going through this is fantastic.



Yeah I felt pretty low today about it and I was on day 5. I just want this feeling to go. As much as I don't want a cigarette I feel empty when I do want one!


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