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No Smoking Day
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Day 5 and feeling a little low

Hi everyone.

Feeling a little low today. I recon it's because I'm so tired. Matthew was up again a lot of the night and we played several rounds of musical beds which does get a bit tedious after the first few goes. To top it all when I did try to sleep he recond he could hear me breathing (even though I wasn't asleep at that point) and was making too much noise - which I wasn't I couldn't even hear myself. But that's Autism for you. So he told me to 'stop breathing'. Great!!

Anyway I enjoyed writing the first bit of the story - it was fun. Really was desperate for a smoke last night but did not have one - Hoorah. Going to have some redbull in a minute with triple wings to get the engines revving at full tilt!!

Have a great day all of you.


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Poppyfairy, we all have low days, I for one have quite a few, you may have seen some of my earlier ones where I felt like that. Stay strong.


Love the story

xxxxx Pupalup xxxxxx


Stick with it girl. You are close to 1 week now.


You can do it !!

Be strong today Poppyfairy ! Even though you've been up for half the night and even though you're probably kn4ck3r3d - you're already doing better than normal as you haven't had a cig for nearly a week now !!

I'll bet the kids are really really proud of you ! We all are !!!

Stick with it girl, you can do it !!!!! Well done !:D


Thanks guys for all of your support - it truely makes the difference between smoking and not smoking.

Loads of hugs



Big hugs Poppy x x x x

That noise thing happens here :rolleyes: my eldest suffers hay fever and my 10 year old listens out for every sound and cries that his brother is making too much noise >_< *sniff*

Drives me up the wall!!! :rolleyes:

Don't let tiredness get the better of you x x albeit it is the best form of torture :( take it easy and stay strong x x early night tonight !! ~Buffy x x


Hi poppy,

Don't you dare give in now, what would we all do without you. I know it must be really hard for you when you don't get enough sleep and I doubt if you can catch up much during the day either but try and stay strong coz you have done so well and it's nearly a week now.

We would be lost without you honey,

Befly x x:D :D


Hey Poppy, let's get the priorities sorted out here.. Now what's more important, your lack of sleep or keeping us up to date with the CC Saga? Eh?:p

Seriously though, I hope you manage to regain your energy as the day goes on along with your optimism, drive, humour, courage, determination, spirit and all the other attributes which you use to support others.






I feel so much better - it's like having a stiking plaster and a cup of cocoa (or a big tumbler of vino)

Loads of love and hugs to you all.



Hi Guys

I feel pooh at this moment. Took Matthew to his Speech and Language Therapist and all was ok until 15 minutes towards the end of the session he went totally, and I mean totally loopy. I now have a bald patch (as so much hair got ripped out), my glasses have been broken (3rd pair busted in 4 months), scratches on my hands and face and nice bruising coming up on my legs. The therapist got attacked too - but she is so fab as she totally is in tune with childrens with such complex disability. But I burst out crying - I couldn't help it - it was just all so much. Then Matthew snaps out of his anger - coz he really doesn't know what he's doing - and is horrified and then hurts himself which makes it all even worse.

My poor poor little boy. I have found a councellor to come and see him on Thursday and am hoping that may help him. I know I am doing all that is humanly possible to do to try and sort him out, but I still feel I should be doing more.

So feeling pants - not for me - for Matthew.

Anyway on a brighter note when we left the therapists my hub zoomed us round to a shopping centre and a bit of retail therapy was the order of the day - so said he. So I got a new pair of jeans (really nice flarey ones) and a book - can't remember what it's called now but I think it's got vampires in. Everyone got something so everyone was happy.

I'm going to make my Smokey Joe Savings Box in a minute - that should be fun!!!!

Big Hugs to you All!!!



Poppyfairy, i've said this on another thread and i'll say it again, you really are an inspiration!!!

You are so strong to have such tough times and not let Mr Nic beat you.

And what a wonderful hubby you have!!! You have obviously trained him very well :p

I hope you feel up again soon, you've had an up and down day and you are doing so well.:D :D :D


Chocobunny - believe me I do not have my hub trained at all - he is a Man unto himself. I think he just saw my face and thought 'oh dear it's cigs or retail therapy'. But I am pleased with my jeans and grateful he took me - just as he's grateful he had an excuse to buy some trainers and a jumper!!!!

You see always an ulterior motive!!

But he's pretty good at times - for a man!!(haha)



aw hugs to you and yours x x x x

Hope the councellor proves to be productive!!

Good on hubby for the shopping trip :p good man ;)

~Buffy x x


Thanks Buffy

I hope it helps too. Otherwise I will have no choice but to invest in some police riot gear, complete with helmet, shield, and Horse!!

Hope you're fabbydoo.

Please could you let me know how to work the photoshop as I'm so dense on stuff like this. I have set up an account and don't know how to get it over here now.

Cheers lovely



Come on babe you can do this we said we would stick together through this:)

Its will get better trust me you or only one day behind me:cool:


Thanks Whiteboy - it means a lot.

Well better now - the kids are in bed - HOORAH!!! And...... Breath!!

I'm going to buy some weighted blankets for Matthew in bed. As he has sensory integration difficulties (very severe) he has to feel really squeezed in bed and that could be a reason why he's waking up - as even though his quilt is tucked right in it's not enough. However, weighted blankets have a two pronged effect coz a) they address the sensory problem and b) they keep the little monkey in bed!! HA HA!!

Thanks to all you fab guys - loves you to bits.



Do you not have a surestart running anywhere near you Poppy?


Hiya Buffy

Yes we have a surestart but it's just for pre-schoolers and not about disabled children. A disabled parent group meet their once a month - but I can't go as I have the children.

How are you anyway the wonderful Bufferette!!

I am listening to Big Brother - Brian was class again! won't tell you why though in case you're not listening / watching!!

Hugs and High Fives



Think we got lucky with our surestart!! every other area has a nightmare with them :o

Probably because i worked with them :rolleyes:

i am watching it ;) well it just finished :D lol


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