Day 5

Ok I am new to this forum and on Day 5. Have smoked for about 25 years (Crikey its scarey when i add up the years) - and also adding up the years makes me see why breaking this long standing habit is going to be new and strange and at times a difficult battle. I have done it once before and then foolishly thought i could have "just one" and Hey Ho!! back to the addiction.

So Day 1 - 4 was fairly fact a breeze...but Jeez!! Day 5 has been a nicotine monster sitting on my shoulder ALL day telling me how much better I would feel if only i had a cigarette. So I have cleaned my camper van, been shopping, resprayed some plastic stuff that i wanted to do, cleaned my wardrobe, re sealed bathroom shower, tidied kitchen cupboards - everything to avoid thinking too much about fags! I sat down at 8pm and had one glass of cider - alcohol can be a trigger for me but I have to get on with this so girls and boys...I havent caved in to that monster and Day 6 is in front of me...hoepfully somewhat better! Keep going everyone and dont ever think "just one"!!


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  • Great feat... It really helps when you divert your attention to other things... Keep faith and confidence to soon overcome the nicotine monster.

  • well done u sure kept busy best way

    mine was to walk and walk in the early days still do now wen i get stressed

    well done keep it up

  • Ok Day 6 is nearly done and thank goodness it wasnt like yesterday...i havent really had a bad craving today. Went for coffee in town and some people lit up next to me and it didnt bother me too much at all! :)

    Again i have been immensely active and wore a pedometer...seems i have done 20,000 steps!!!! The dog is worn out but i think the walking running etc helps keep my mind occupied and also (and more importantly) makes me feel great! I have also taken a mega multi vitamin which I hope helps detoxing and I have made sure my diet is very clean and healthy. The time spent cooking is another distraction

    Keep going strong and good luck!

  • Hi tankgurl

    If you struggle over the coming days and week, let me know. We've got loads of DIY, fixing and sorting to br done :D

    Congrats on day 6!

  • well end of day 7 and i have logged on because for the first time today i have a craving....its because i have sat down and stopped and opened a bottle of cider and so its "that time" but its the first today so i can deal with it....

    I have managed to go for a 4k run today and not felt out of breath at all....weird new cough arrived this morning but passed by lunch time. Dont know if its my lungs clearing themselves out?

    Hope you are all keeping the faith!! :D

  • You are doing really well and seem so positive.


  • I now have a craving for cider!

    Cravings happen, you're doing fantastically

  • Second week is a whole lot easier!

    Also, I have had a cough over the last few days so I reckon it is due to the change in the lungs.

  • Really well done! You should try and remember how hard day 5 was for you, because a bit further down the line, that smokemonster is gonna tell you: "You've proven you can quit with ease, so just smoke a bit and quit again". That's the danger of having a relatively easy quit, and you need to prepare yourself for it :) Good luck, I'm rooting for you.

  • Woo hoo! Day fact i had to think what day i was on this morning...thanks for all your words of support..when i get a craving i log on and readin them gets me through. Too be really i havent had one (a craving) and now i think even if i had one would i go for it? It would be sooo stupid that i know i wouldnt.

    The buzz for me is my running is gettin better and when i met a friend today, who smokes, i thought jeez she stinks of fags! and it wasnt nice...and i must have smelt like that - even a little.

    So...roll on day 9.

    Tankgurl 9 Nicotine Monster 0

    (thats probably around 150 cigarettes i havent smoked and my daughter is chuffed to bits!)

  • You're into your second week which is excellent. I found that the second week is easier than the first. When other people around you are chuffed about your quit, it feels great!!

  • ARGHHHHHH...the monster is back! I have even been through the bin for tobacco but felt so disgusted at myself i have left it...Oh dear dear dear...i thought i had beaten it...but i havent had a fag...but yikes i could drive to the shop now and feed the monster! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • I cant believe I have been through the damn bin for tobacco!! If i had found it i would have been smoking sad is that!! I want to smoke like my life depends on it....thats a bad addiction

  • How do I make my own thread? xx

  • I am confused in here! really want to learn how to use this forum as im starting champix soon xx

  • ermmm you should see a way of starting a new thread - cant remember how i did it...havent used anything - just going cold turkey!

  • Thanks:) I have found it and have made a new thread. Has this website been helpful for you? xx

  • Dont know yet babe - am strugglin tonight BIG TIME...i have been through my bin for the tobacco i threw out a week ago....i really dont wish to feed the nicotine monster but its (lets be honest) ****ing my head over tonight!

  • Don't do it!!!!

    Hi Tankgurl

    Hope that you have resisted the contents of your bin still..... It's a horrible feeling when you get in that sort of state - almost like self-destruct mode. Have you found any techniques that help you to recover from this? I haven't experienced this during this quit, because I am on Champix which kills the pain, but when I went cold turkey in a past quit, I used to get it a lot. The only thing I could do was either sleep or walk - whichever was the most practical at the time.

    Stay strong.

  • Don't worry I have been in the bins before! I think all smokers get so desperate! I havent quit yet. I am picking my champix up in a couple of days and im feeling nervous about the sickness, because i have a phobia of feeling sick and being sick lol but quiting smoking is worth it! xx:confused:

  • well i have been through the stinky bin a number of times and the tobacco is not to be seen and to be honest i would have to dig to the very bottom in and amongst maggots to get it out and bloody hell am i that addicted!! i would drive to the shop but fortunately i am in my pyjamas and when i go to get changed summin in my head says will regret this in the morning and the monster will be gone in the morning.....

    I just want to smoke! I cant imagine my life without a cigarette! I blame sir walter raleigh!! bastard

  • I know it is deffo worse at night! You would regret it, have a nice brew and something to eat :) Im just hoping champix works because i stuggle like you are now! searched the house for butt ends and in the bin! xx:confused:

  • Maybe hitting maggot level would act like some sort of aversion therapy?:)

    Very smart to stay jim jammed - I wouldn't have thought of that! Glad that you have managed to resist so far - and it WILL get better tomorrow. Just remind yourself why you stopped in the first place, and do anything else that may make you feel a bit happier - this is a time for a bit of indulgence. Good luck.

  • Thaks for that Mrs T...all these words of support help just a little to keep me on the straight and narrow because for sure!! if i had any in the house now i would have smoked them

  • You're welcome - try to tap into your inner Zen. It's still there somewhere!

    And the truth is, if you smoked now, IT WOULDN'T RESULT IN YOU FEELING BETTER. All you would have done is to reignite your addiction and undone all the good work that you have done so far.

    You know that you would hate yourself in the morning (especially if it was maggotty tobacco:)), so hang on in there. You'll be very glad you did in the cold light of day.

  • I have hung in there and i havent smoked...i have chewed a piece of nicorette chewing gum which has taken the edge off it...i didnt want to use a nicotine substitute however i figured this is better than me gettin my jeans on and heading to the shop for the real deal.....good job i had it in the house.

    I know tomorrow i will be chuffed with myself and wont have any cravings...

    Thank you sooooo much

  • I just realised something. If it was easy to stop... we all would have.

    But its not.

    Thats why we are addicted...

    because what makes us puff up our chests and not puff on fags is that we see what happens when we are engulfed in an addictive moment. ....and that moment can last...where do you wanna begin?

    But you and me and everyone on here....we see it for what it is. Its not the essence of our soul that drives us to a cigarette...its just a chemical addiction that once we remove from our system will no longer exist. No matter how uncomfortable you make me Mr Nicotine i will beat you. Im better than you.

  • Well done for getting through it. I see no shame at all in using a nicotine substitute if that's what it takes. You will feel so proud of yourself tomorrow - hope you have a better day!

  • THANKS Mrs T! In bed with a bowl of muesli and the crazy craving hour has passed!! (had to wash my hands numbers of times cos i could smell the bin on them - how mad is that!!)

    I could hug you! :o

  • Well done tankgurl, over your first week now, it just gets better & better from here! ....good luck :)

  • Morning Tankgurl

    How are you doing? Hope that today is full of peace and tranquility - and clean hands.

    Well done for surviving the megacrave last night. You should feel so proud of yourself, and stronger for making it through.

  • Good job for making it through. My past memories of going through the bin and the whole house for cigarettes are a pretty strong motivator in making me quit - it's just shamefull to think of really, but we have probably all been there.

    I also used the "make cigarettes less availabe" option for the first days and it was a good help. You get the extra time to think before heading for cigarettes. I have a store like 2 minutes from me, and I purposely got out of bed late in the afternoon so the store would close, then I stayed up all night and went to bed before the store opened again.

    I knew I could always go down town which would take around 15 minutes, but even just having cigarettes 13 minutes further away was a huge mental barrier.

  • Evening peeps

    Thank god i didnt cave into the monster last night although i woke up this morning and for a second thought "did i smoke last night" - it was such madness! I was chuffed when i realised i hadnt! Anyway today has been fine not a craving in sight but he is back again tonight...not sooo bad and i have got a piece of gum because i wanted to knock it on the head before i got to the crazy state i was in last night!!

    I am fine in the day but night time when i am not active is not good...but i will get there. Thanks for all your kind words of makes ALL the difference and when i read posts from people who laugh about their addiction now i realise i will get there....i just hope by using gum i am not replacing one addiction with another! :eek:

  • Well done Tankgurl! Another battle won. I wouldn't worry about having to give up the gum later - if it helps now, fight this war first. Gum will be a doddle after you have cracked this one!

    I had a bit of a bad day today, but the pleasing thing was that I knew - really knew - that smoking wasn't going to help even if I tried it. Maybe finally, at 51, I have truly got the message that smoking isn't big and it isn't clever! The irony is that I started at age 11 in order to look older. Like I need that now!

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