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Day 5- New Years Quitter

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Hi All,

I quit on New Years Eve at about 1pm, so I am currently on day 5 of my quit. First few days were OK. The nightmare began on day 4 when I returned to work and got back into my routine. No more first thing mornings fags with my coffee, no more 10.30am fag breaks and after lunch breaks. All stopped. I remembered I had a packet of tobacco with a small amount left in my car. I walked out of the office and into my car, just about to roll one up. I decided NO and I threw it straight in the bin and ate a orange. I am finding the quitting process easier than I first thought but I am feeling very very down in the dumps. I have cried several times and really miss smoking. Feel like a part of me is missing, which i know is pathetic! Me and my partner are doing this together, so the support is good for me :) What I am really struggling with is the fact that I am also on a diet and have decided to cut back on alcohol. Feeling very low as I feel I have nothing 'naughty' and 'nice' in my life anymore. But I am still going strong... can't wait for the 1 week mark, many people have said it gets better then!

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I was the same yesterday- first day back at work on day 4 and knew there'd be so many triggers with going back to the normal routine. I used to pick up a pack on the way to work and have one in the car- first of the day. Then two or three more during a busy morning, one after lunch, a couple more in the afternoon, then one more when back in the car. Bloody hell yesterday was hard but just about found the strength to get through each craving- just trying to concentrate on that particular five minutes and pushing myself through it. But I did it! Went to the gym last night instead of the pub and had an early night and that's another day ticked off.

Can definitely relate to the something missing feeling but it was a big part of each and every day. And I'm getting mood swings- sometimes I feel like crying and a few minutes later I'm elated I've got this far! I was supposed to be cutting back on alcohol as well and know if I have too much it'll make me want to smoke more but I think this is so hard I need a reward so had a glass of wine when I got in from the gym- once I was home I knew I couldn't smoke anyway.

Keep going and good luck!

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Huge welcome Mazie & Jimbo, congratulations and well done on Day 5 and getting through your first day back at work. Well done Mazie on not giving in, maybe try to get the first month of the quit over you and then you can gradually work on diet and alcohol - you need to be kind to yourself over the next few weeks and treat yourself for milestones. Keep going, you are both doing great. Read up on what is happening now you have quit to your body, stay close to the forum and post as often as needed. See below what to expect over the next few weeks, what you both are experiencing is normal and will pass:

Withdrawal in the First Two Weeks

Because the first two weeks are so critical in determining quitting failure rates, smokers should not be shy about seeking all the help they can during this period.

Withdrawal symptoms begin as soon as four hours after the last cigarette, generally peak in intensity at three to five days, and disappear after two weeks. They include both physical and mental symptoms.

Physical Symptoms.

During the quitting process people should consider the following physical symptoms of withdrawal as they were recuperating from a disease and treat them accordingly as they would any physical symptoms:

[*]Tingling in the hands and feet


[*]Intestinal disorders (cramps, nausea)


[*]Cold symptoms as the lungs begin to clear (sore throats, coughing, and other signs of colds and respiratory problem)

of workplace accidents increases on No Smoking Day, a day in which up to 2 million smokers either reduce the amouThe first few weeks after quitting smoking are usually the most difficult and it's safe to say that it normally takes at least 8-12 weeks before a person starts to feel comfortable with their new lifestyle change of being an ex-smoker. Withdrawal from nicotine, an addictive drug found in tobacco, is characterized by symptoms that include headache, anxiety, nausea and a craving for more tobacco. Nicotine creates a chemical dependency, so that the body develops a need for a certain level of nicotine at all times. Unless that level is maintained, the body will begin to go through withdrawal similar to alcohol addiction withdrawal. For tobacco users trying to quit, symptoms of withdrawal from nicotine are unpleasant and stressful, but only temporary. Most withdrawal symptoms peak 48 hours after you quit and are completely gone in six months. Mental and Emotional Symptoms.

Tension and craving build up during periods of withdrawal, sometimes to a nearly intolerable point. One European study found that the incidence they smoke or abstain altogether.

Nearly every moderate to heavy smoker experiences more than one of the following strong emotional and mental responses to withdrawal.

[*]Feelings of being an infant: temper tantrums, intense needs, feelings of dependency, a state of near paralysis.


[*]Mental confusion




[*]Depression is common in the short and long term. In the short term it may mimic the feelings of grief felt when a loved one is lost. As foolish as it sounds, a smoker should plan on a period of actual mourning in order to get through the early withdrawal depression.

Thanks for that Rowens- I will definitely be keeping this forum close by and have even sent the link to my phone. It's not the first time I've tried to quit but I am so determined to do it this time and psychologically I'm finding it a little easier. I just keep telling myself I'm a non smoker, not a smoker who's trying to give up, and that seems to be working so far. I just want that horrible hollow feeling in the pit of my stomach to go away!

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I promise Jimbo, these feelings will pass, you appear to be very focused and determined, keep it up! You can do it!

Luckily , I have a few more days leave HOWEVER I am "popping" into the office for an hour or two tomorrow sooo holding thumbs!!

With regard your quits WELL done!! stick with it and stay strong!! post as much as possible and stay away from the normal triggers!

Good luck! :)

Actually it sounds like you aren't experiencing much of withdrawal so good for you!

Try to focus on the positive changes happening to your body. Even smelling your fingers and realizing that they don't smell of cigarettes is helpful.

Notice the warmth of your hands and feet returning, and how it seems like you are bristling with energy due to cleaner lungs.

By the way, it of course depends on many factors, but usually it takes three days for body to get rid of the nicotine. So you are already past the most intense craving part.

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Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free

Welcome to the forum maizie and jimbo :) And well done! x

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HercuValued Contributor

Maizie and Jimbo a very warm welcome to both... Yup funny thing is that we only remember the nice things about smoking that first few days....But we must try a mind change and start remembering how bad we smelled after that smoke break and how our cars smelled. Try and remember why in the first place you have made the best decision of your life on New Year...Very well done so far and huge congrats.....Stay strong !!!

Thanks everyone! Did a shift at the pub last night- had to walk past the shop there and back and managed it and was hard watching people go out for a fag and then smelling the smoke when they came back in. But I got through it! Telling myself that if I can do it once I can do it every time. Day 6 now and cravings are still hitting me this morning but lots to do at work so going to keep myself busy.

Well done mate, Keep it up!!

Have you noticed how fresh smoke (as they lite up) smells great, BUT the stale smoke as they walk past you after smoking really STINKS!!

Keep telling yourself that's what you used to smell like!!

Yeah I noticed that! Thanks for the support. Hope you're having a good day today- I'm struggling a bit but getting through it!


JUST hang in there, if need be PM me I am online 24/7

you GOT this!!!!

Thank you my friend and the same applies to you.

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Well done, you are doing great!

Thank you all for your responses. Especially Jimbo!! It's a comforting knowing someone is going through the same as you are and you can talk to them. Last night me and my partner went to his dads house, his dad smokes and we usually all have a cup of tea and go out the back together and have a smoke. Tonight we didn't and it felt very weird and was very very hard to resist. But we BOTH did. My partner has been feeling down about the quit to, he said he feels as if he has a lot of time on his hands and something is missing. He also said that there is nothing to reward himself with now (crazy concept i know) but i know what he means. At work I used to say to myself after I have done all of this hard work, i'll go out for a fag.

Anyway, Day 6 and I thought it would be easier, but it's not for me. Today I am really craving!! HELP ME. I feel like I am going to relapse today. :( :(

No need to thank me we all need as much support as we can get! My day started off ok but I've had a stressful couple of hours and really feeling it now. Just telling myself to get through the next half hour.

Keep going and keep telling yourself you're a non smoker- what you got through last night would have been too much for a lot of people!

My dad hasn't even been stressful. I just feel that sad, I keep thinking a smoke will make it better! It's that bad right now that when I discarded on my pack of tobacco the other day I put it in my paper bin, which hasn't been emptied yet. I almost got it out earlier!! We will get there in the end I suppose, just curious as to how long it takes until I will start to feel like myself again :(

Well done both of you!!

I too have felt the odd crave today but I think we might be through the worst HOWEVER, I have been led to believe that at some stage a bout of depression kicks in - STAY strong and I am holding thumbs for my fellow NEW years quitters!!

Thank You gazzabsa!! I am doing OK at the moment. I keep thinking about when I leave the office, I feel like just going to the nearest shop and buying a pack!! Crazy really because I am proud of how far I have got. Just don't want to feel down like this anymore. It is hard!

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RoisinO1Administrator in reply to nsd_user663_64576

Mazie you are doing great, every time you think about having a cigarette, get up and do something to take your mind off it, whether getting a glass of water, going to the loo, have a chat with someone, make a call, anything until the craving passes, which will usually last at the most 5 minutes. Keep telling yourself why quit and you never want to go back to that again, keep strong

Everyone- you're doing brilliantly. Just get through today and that's a whole week!

Well done us!! It is so good to know that we are all going through this together. Day 6 has been a lot better then day 5 for me for cravings, I had that much energy today I even went for a run after work.... That's not me 😂 But need to keep busy keep them cravings at bay. Keep going x

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