day 5

day 5 ,and today (well thismorning) im feeling great compared with yesterday, slept from 10 - 6 which actually is my full eight hours.

Whats annoying me at the moment , are those times that you actually reach for a fag , without thinking , that is driving me round the bend, done it twice today already

hope things are going well for all the day 5's - hows it goin for you lid and cheryl?

gonna try and do a little more with my day , than sit sulking, have a nice one forumees :D

daizy x

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  • I was at the cinema last night and I actually reached into my bag for my fags when the movie was finished cause that's what I always did - I had to remind myself I didn't smoke anymore! So that's when I had a lozenge cause I felt quite depressed, but only for a minute or two. These feelings will go away, it's like mourning, it's the first time you do certain things without smoking you'll be reminded and it'll hit you like a ton of bricks but it will get easier and easier :)

  • Daizy/Blondie - you've only been quit a few days and the brain hasn't forgotten you smoked yet, it won't be that much longer when the auto process of reaching for smokes at a certain place/time/event stops.

    Good luck to you both, you're doing really well

  • Thanks Horse :)

    Yeah, you think you're coping really well till you go to reach for a fag and the realisation that you don't smoke anymore hits you like a kick in the teeth :(

    But, as you say, it'll get easier as time goes on :)

  • struggling here

    being a real tough day . in lots of ways

    and i want my fags back!

  • struggling here

    being a real tough day . in lots of ways

    and i want my fags back!

    Tough, you've split up. Move on.

    (If I can't, you can't!)

  • Grrrrrrrrrrrr:o

    and your most definately not allowed

    working through it , angrily, not long til bed;)

  • day 5

    so i'm new to this forum but here goes............... I am so angry with myself as this is my 5th day but i had a very bad day yesterday with very bad news of my dads ill health and it got me!!:( i had 3 cigarettes :mad:

    I woke up this morning feeling like a cheat and so disappointed with myself!!

    I haven't had 1 today but still feel like a big fat CHEAT! :(

  • Ellie - welcome to the forum - you might want to click the link to 'start new thread' next time, because sometimes things can get lost if you post them as a response to something, and we wouldn't want you to think you were being ignored!

    I'm really sorry to hear your dad is ill, and sorry it caused you to slip up. But don't be too disheartened, you did five days, and that's an achievement. When a bad moment hits like that you have to be prepared for it - we've all been used to reaching for a fag when things get tough and quitting is a process of retraining your brain not to expect a cigarette when you hit those triggers. It's not easy, but it can be done.

    Smoking won't fix your problems. It can only add to them. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start again. Best of luck.

    Helen x

  • Thankyou Helen i noticed the 'start new thread tab' after i posted my comment. It'll take me some time to get used to my way round this forum but hopefully i'll be a quick learner.

    Again thankyou for your kind words and support and i hope i won't be so easily tripped up next time, but as my first few days were pretty plain sailing it really was a blow i wasn't expecting, and i didn't think i would of fallen for the trap so easily but hey ho as you said i have dusted myself off and carried on but it's that little niggle of disappointment that really is bringing me down today. Hopefully tmrw i will be back on form and feel proud of myself again?

  • Yay!!!

    Well done Daizy!

    Your doing fabulously! Keep up the good work, amd agreed... the reaching for them is pure pants!!! xx

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