No Smoking Day
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This isn't going well

I didn't even make it through day 1 yesterday >< i missed my train to my job induction and was so worried i smoked.. turns out i was only 5 minutes late where as the boss was 10 minutes late

Now i wake up to a lovely letter from the bank telling me they have charged me.. wait for it.. because i cant afford to pay my withstanding order?!

Wowww really nice of you bank, good job you are giving a poor person a break!!

I'm so sick of money and college i hate it all!!!!

When i am queen there will be no money and no banks :< whatever arrogant person invented them needs a good slap on the back of the head

ARGH sorry i have so much anger!!


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Hi Strawberry,

Sorry your having a rough time at the mo, but keep trying cos you can do it :) It's so hard getting back on track after a slip up I know, especially when life is throwing crap at you. But you will get there cos you want to, or you wouldn't be posting on here ;) I understand about the anger cos it only takes the slightest little thing to send me off on one lol and don't even get me started on bloody banks ....:mad:

Anyways, come and join the March Hares group, I only started it this morning so no members yet lol but if you join you can have a rant in there :)


Zoe xx


One good reason there straight away - stop smoking and save money :D I spent £9 on a pkt of 16 at weekend - wow!! There never is a perfect time in life, but best of luck and read the posts on here, real inspiration from people. NRT helps reduce cravings and is a lot cheaper than cigs too.


Come the revolution we can put them all up against the wall I too will start with the banks.

But question is do you offer then the traditional last cigarette, those things kill you know :D

When it's right it's right you'll know the time induction day probably isn't the right time. New job new start keep smiling any day can be day one chuck.

I love gravy


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