No Smoking Day

my first day is going well

I had my last one at around 1:30am and so far I feel fine, had no real cravings but my windpipe still feels like its on fire, so that's really putting me off having one. It hurt when I was smoking my last one when I inhale, it felt like I was inhaling sand. This time is it, I've had enough of smoking and it's smelly. I really hope this feeling in my throat goes. Any ideas what will help?

Take Care


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goodluck happywelshchick , hope to see u in day 2 tomorrow, how are u quitting - cold turkey? :)



good luck Ser..:)

sounds like your throat needs good old fashioned

"lozenges"!! of the sore throat variety!! like Strepsils?

not heard of sore throat as side effect of quitting the fags..

maybe its a sore throat from smoking:confused:

I no when I quit I had the cold/cough from hell so who knows

how the body will react!! And it helped me thru the first few

days cos felt ill anyway!! Maybe the throat will help you the

same way:confused::D



Welcome to the forum welshchick!

I am with you re inhaling sand LOL couldn't have put it better myself. For months before I quit every cigarette felt like razor blades, years of chain smoking i suppose.

If you want to help yourself, educate yourself as much as possible regarding your addiction. is a good site if you go CT.

Relax and be proud of yourself, everyday gets easier from here on, I promise ;)

I'm addicted to this forum now!

I LOVE being a non-smoker, so you will too. Come on here as often as you can, it really does help :D


Well done on stopping the evil weed. It really is a nasty expensive habit. One we can do without!

I'm on week 3 now and one of the best things for me regarding stopping is the not planning my life around cigarettes! When I am now at a restaurant or other non smoking environment, no longer am I sitting there eager to get the meal over with just so I can have a cigarette...I now actually enjoy the occasion more. I really do love that aspect of stopping. Its great.

You will get to love it too!

Well done :)


Hang in there!

Congrats on quitting Happy! Drink lots of water and maybe find some sort of hard candies to suck on for awhile:D Just hang tough:D


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