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No Smoking Day
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All going well in the Rogue camp.

Wow my journey has taking me this far and i'm going very strong. In fact i have complete control over my quit now and not the other way round. Believe me it's so refreshing feeling like this that i can now see and feel the positives of quitting.

I no longer feel the need to wish my life away in desperation to reach certain dates. I don't look at the calendar in my kitchen and count the days down.

Lets be honest we have all been envious/jealous in our own way of fellow quitters when they are months ahead of our own quits and they post how good and easy they are finding it. You are convinced those people are unreachable and that you won't get there yourself. You have so many negative thoughts to simply put you off altogether. I have managed to ride those horrible thoughts now and they no longer exist.

Hands up who has found themselves having a nose about in the Penthouse thread thinking "if only, lucky buggers, why can't it that be me etc" but at the same time dismissing it as an impossible target ?

It may only be 3 calendar months but i'm extremely pleased with my progress and how it has gone. I'm now enjoying my life as quitting has taken a back stage now. It doesn't rack my head no more.

Of course i still get the odd passing thought and possibly the odd crave but it's nothing i can't handle. Really it isn't.

Anyway moving on.....

Sadly I think i'm the only one left flying the banner now for the March Hares group. So many of us set out on this quest but all have fallen.:(

I will reach the Penthouse even if i have to crawl on my hands and feet.

I'm determined to have my name etched in the hall of fame that awaits me in the Penthouse.

Stay strong all


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Wow Rogue, 3 months already that is amazing - you've done so well :) I was a March hare & quit for 2 months but relapsed & smoked for 3 weeks grrrr! I'm on my 11th day now of quitting for good & this time I know I can't have one puff not EVER!!

I'm so happy for you, think you've cracked it now & I can't wait to be at your stage...

Denise x


Well done Rogue I know how you feel, all looking good and positive:D

I've noticed a few people missing lately:confused:

I quit on 1st April so technically my last day smoking was March. I'll be in your gang:p


:D Great post Rogue :)

cant wait to see you in the penthouse

keeping a positive mindset will help you stay focused on your quit

Onwards and upwards is the way to go :)



Awesome work Rogue. 3 calendar months! Wow!

You are THE march hare. Well done. :)


Way To Go Man! You have gone from brother in arms, to inspiration! And now that I'm on track back to inspirational brother in arms haha. Can't wait to feel the same way you do now.



I'm still here too!!

Hi Rogue,Sorry don't post much but I'm still here plodding along,despite living with two smokers..which just proves if you really WANT to quit you can,have had my struggle days,but I'm taking it one day at a time and I'm plodding along right beside you...Denise 64 is still here too,well done Denise,well done Rogue:D

Had my last fag on 5th March...still pop the odd lozenge when stressed but hope to get off them soon. Have gone up a dress size but slowly comin off again!!! thank god,would have been joining a slimming forum next LOL..if I get to the penthouse I will keep you a nice comfy chair to enjoy the view!!!


Well done Rogue! :) And a great post.

Three calendar months complete, and now you're in the 4-5 month room! The Penthouse is in view! :D


I believe I'm a March Hare, too...

I quit on March 14th. I remember joining a group called March Hares, but never could figure out what groups are for.

At any rate, I quit on March 14th, and I've kept the quit going. I'm over 100 days now - last time I checked it was 102 or something.

Anyway, congratulations! I do believe you'll make it to the penthouse, and I'll be right there with you. :D


Peace and Harmony in the Rogue Camp

Good Evening Rogue really glad to hear that you've finally got some serenity into your Quit and by the tone of your last post actually enjoying being nicotine free which after all is what it's all about.We all have those passing craves we wouldn't be human if we didn't, however being that much wiser we don't react to them as we are fully aware that they'll pass.

Look after yourself



For some reason I've only just got round to reading this. :o

Great post, Rogue! As you'll see if you read my "Sponsored Walk" post today in the Month 3 forum I think we have had a similar journey. I really believe that if you get your mind-set right then that's half (or more) of the battle.

And it looks like you are not the Lone Hare so congrats too to Dgee and Amanda! You'll always be just those few weeks in front of me but I can see you up the road and you won't shake me off easily... ;)


Thanks everyone for your kinds words. I'm loving the new me. No fag hanging out of my mouth or the stench associated with it. :)


Sadly I think i'm the only one left flying the banner now for the March Hares group. So many of us set out on this quest but all have fallen.:(

Oh dear! I'm sad to hear there are no other hares left :-(

But, I'm also happy to hear you're still doing well!!!



Well done rogue! You have done brilliantly! I know you have had your hard times but you are definitely on the right track now. Keep it going, I know I will and I am sure we will make it to the penthouse.:)


I'm loving the new me. No fag hanging out of my mouth or the stench associated with it. :)

Well done Rogue. How good is that statement, brillient


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