No Smoking Day
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into day 4 and going well

as the title says have moments where I think I should be smoking but I do not want to go back to that dark place where I felt depressed all the time and smelled so bad. Have a slight feeling of relaxation coming in, yesterday evening was very hard but today is much easier:D and the kids are here because it is the weekend so am very proud of myself:)


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Well done on day 4!! i too thought the weekend would be a problem as i have 11 children here weekends, 8 are mine and 3 are step children.

As you can imagine my stress increases, but today i feel so laid back and proud of myself.

Well done and enjoy your smoke free weekend with the kiddies.

Positive vibes coming your way ~~~~~

Nikki x


Well done you too things do get much easyer. you will think dack to this weekend soon and think how proud you are snd you should be.

Nickie 11 kids your folling my mum she had 11 all her own and no twins mad or what.xxxxx


Great job, Carol and Nikki :D Especially with all them kids running around..... should be very distracting though I hope :D Have fun with the little ones!!


Hi Carol :D

Great going on day 4 and I'm so pleased that today is easier for you

You have every right to be proud of yourself Big Hug for you


Marg xxxxxxxx

Hi Nikki

Well done to you as well on day 4 Big Hug


Marg xxxxxxx


11 children!!!!! and there was me thinking i am doing well with three:) vibes to you too hun

Well on to day 5 and yes this morning was easier again:D I have just had a big bath and had time to pamper myself in stead of smoking and having a quick bath. Did I mention I smell nice :p

Thanks for all your support



Carol isn't it soooooo nice not to stink of ciggies!!

I was just saying on one o my posts how hubby now likes the fact when he gets up the house don't smell of ciggies.

I smoked outside in day but night time when kids were in bed (about 10pm!!)

I'd have a few in the kitchen by back door,but you could still smell it.

I think of the kids and it makes me realise they are another reason why i needed to quit, i want to see their kids too.

I lost my Dad to cancer when i was 19 and i don't want them to follow that path i had to.

I realised why i was so happy yesterday

Wolves got the championship of the legue..whoooohoooow!!

Stu what team do you support?

Keep up the good work folks!! almost week 1 out of the way and on to WEEK 2 wooohoooooow!!! :D


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