First day, going well :)

Hi all, I'm back & cold turkey this time - can honestly say my first day hasn't been bad at all :)

Maybe it's because I quit for 2 & half months (14th March - May 19th 2012) & only smoked for 2 & half weeks before I saw sense again so I'd already broke a lot of the bad habits like smoking non stop with everything i did! :rolleyes:

To all of you out there my advice is stick to your quit & never have 'just one cig' that's what I did & ended up on a pack a day again for the last 2 & a half weeks...

Heres to day 2 :D

Denise x

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  • The older i get the more i beleive in N.O.P.E.

    repeat several times a day as necessary.

    and whenever a previous smoking occasion arises.


  • Fantastic news Denise that you are back. Start saving those pennies again for another holiday.

    This time if you have some drama in your life try and not to use fags as a way of escaping your problems. :)

    Oh and you have really caused a stir on another forum when you posted about failing a quit. There was quite a bit of inner fighting. :eek:

  • Oh and you have really caused a stir on another forum when you posted about failing a quit. There was quite a bit of inner fighting. :eek:

    Haha, I know, thats why I don't post there anymore... Relapse there is like committing murder lol!! :D

    I'm glad to be back here now :)

    Denise x

  • Cold turkey and lollipops. Like it. :)

    Just think of Mel Gibson on his big horse yelling .....freeeeeedom. You'll be fine. Well done Denise x

  • Hi Denise,

    Yea you are with me :) Well done you!!

    I feel that it is easier too having quit for a good period before and like you NOPE has to be the way forward for the pair of us :)

  • Hi Denise and welcome back :D x

    Glad your first day was good and hope today is even better. Reckon it will be easier for you this time cos as you say, you did two and a half months, so you will have beaten most of your trigger points already.

    Take care,

    Zoe xx

  • Hi Zoemac,

    How are things with you?


  • Hi Dottie,

    Doing ok thanks, back on to day 13 woot woot :D

    Hope things going well with you.

    Zoe xx

  • Just one ciggy gets me every time and your right you just cant do it without going back to your original habbit, maybe even worse!!

    im 6 days with a one day blip, again because of the above! but sacrifices must be made, i dont want to smoke, but that means i cant have one when i go pub etc so time to really let that one go and move on.

    good luck keep up the good work xx

  • Hi Denise, I was going to answer one of your messages and now I can't find it. It was about phone calls. I won't get any now as the kids Skype me and I'm ok with that. One thing that helps me is my iPad. I never smoked while using it so there isn't any association. Just need to get through today. My son is being very helpful. They are at the zoo in Singapore and keep sending photos to cheer me up :-)

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