No Smoking Day
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Day One!

Well haven't been on for a few days/a week? I had holidays from work and well yes, smoked the whole time. I did the just have one when drinking, which led to two, which led to spending £9 in a pub for 16?? So anyway, back to day one. lesson learned lol

Feel ok today, although can definitely feel the cravings and want to eat. Using the mist spray (probably too much).

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Hi January and welcome back :D Don't worry, we've all been there, done that and got the t-shirt :rolleyes: but what is important is learning from it and getting back on track. I am just starting a new quit myself, into Day 4 now, phew. Don't worry about the eating thingy, it helps with the cravings. I keep craving fried potatoes with cheese and an egg on top lol :eek:

I just started a new social group called March Hares for us March quitters, so come and join me if you want to, go to quick links, social groups and you will find it.

We can kick this smoking malarky into touch :D

All the best,

Zoe xx


Thanks Zoemac! Good to be in the same boat as someone. I can't change my username so will have to stick with it for now. I definitely no my triggers so will be avoiding them this time. Lets do this for good :p

Where do i find the group about?? x


Welcome back both - Zoemac I have missed your posts :)


I found the group! x


Thanks Dottie, thats cheered me up:D

Saw you found the group January and said hello to you in there!! If you want to post in there, there is a message box just underneath the pictures, so let us know how its going :D

Zoe xx


Having a good day - so far so good. Would have been too easy to say "start tomorrow" and tomorrow never coming. That was a close call.

So my advice to anyone is DONT HAVE ONE. I thought i could get away with it 2 months into my quit and have ended up smoking 4 days in a row. I feel like crap for it. Luckily for me i still have motivation and good reasons to go for the quit again but i know this is too difficult for a lot of people. Alcohol is to blame!! I will learn lol :D


Most have been there re just the one that led to the slippery slope.

My last quit about 3 years ago I had stopped for about 3 months, went on a boys trip to Portugal, though I would smoke on the trip then get back on it when i got home. That worked (not) took me 3 years to have another go.

So fair play getting back on board the rollercoaster ride and good luck


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