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No Smoking Day
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Sugar Soap

First week on the champix i decided to decorate my study/computer room, because thats were i smoked quite a lot while sitting at the PC.

It didn't really look that bad until i got some white paint on the ceiling and then you notice how yellow it really is.:eek:

While waiting for the paint to dry i got the old sugar soap out and cleaned everything that was going back. OMG:eek: i was absolutely disgusted with myself it literally made me gag.

Just could not believe the colour and smell of the rag after wiping over everything that had got that dirty,stinky yellow poison all over it.

That was a huge incentive for me to not stick another fag into my mouth and still use that thought when i get the urge.


As far as i am concerned, Sugar soap is just as effective as any other NRT :D


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I wouldn't recommend it's use in patches or in an inhalator though ;)

Well done you, getting rid of all the nasty nicotine and tar staining. If that's what it does to walls I don't want to think about what it does to our insides. :eek:


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