No Smoking Day
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Day 1 in the non smoking house.

Been here so many times, I've really fallen off the wagon this time. But I am gonna post every day in appropriate day folders this time.- That way i'll have to make this commitment

Here I am again . Back on the patch as it does work (?) for me. My real problem is the psychological stuff- I keep telling myself i can have just one, and drinking alcohol is just a big no- no for me. Maybe giving up means accepting i can't drink, at least for a good while anyway. I know i can't keep going back to day one all the time and i've got to get out of the cycle.

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This will click for you i'm sure, never stop being determined to reach your goal, never give in. Good luck this time around, and i really mean that.

Heres to you and a determination that is true.

We gotta get out of this place

If it's the last thing we ever do

We gotta get out of this place

Girl, there's a better life for me and you

Somewhere baby, somehow I know it


Thankyou Jase.

I can't keep going back here, so no booze:(, as it is responsible nearly every single time, and have a good few days off so am not going to see my eveil bullying boss who stressed me to the point of having a fag last time.


I know its a tough time Jude, what a wonderful world it would be if we could just have the laws relaxed and the police turn a blind eye for 5 minutes, while we throttle the people giving us all that stress eh :)

What you need to look into now is the link you have to smoking making things ok Jude, once you can dispell that myth, and find another way to channel the negative feelings you get now and again, you'll be much much better able to cope without looking for the excuse to smoke from other people.

I know this only because i've been at that point before, just looking for someone..anyone to wind me up enough so i can justify running to buy some.

As this happened to me too many times before, and likely many others too, i realised that in order to truly beat it, you need to sever the association to smoking and thats where the biggest fight is won.



plus think of it as a defiance to your boss.

he must have loved watching you fail. don't give that bully the satisfaction ever again.

i agree with jase as well. the association between smoking and getting rid of stress is an illusion, but its an incredibly powerful one if you have smoked for as long as we all have.

you can do it this time. this is your time!

keep posting everyday is a great idea. thats what im doing. if only for myself to be able to look back each day and see how far ive come. its great motivation.


Hi Jude :)

Welcome back and well done having another go

I think as you do that the reson you keep ending up on day one is pschological

Click the bottom link in my signature scroll down quite a way and theres a bit there about this part of the quit

I may have given you this before and if so my apologies if not I think it may well help you just have a read and see what you think

It helped me a lot in the early part of my quit and thers lots of other stuff on there as well


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Thanks bman, jase and marg.

Going to pop out and buy the patches again- They really do work for me to more or less stop the cravings but i never have managed to get off the21mg patch, cos i still kept slipping (with drinks, smokers, stress, holidays- just the one,i can be a social smoker, i'll just smoke with alcohol, doing so well- i'll have one as a reward...? thats the craziest one yet.)

If i actually write it in here each day will hopefully give me more motivation to remeber that i'm actually looking to give up smoking-not give up for a week and then smoke for a few days, then give up for another few days followed by a fag and wine binge, in a sort of constant cycle.


From experience Jude, its all or nothing where smoking is concerned.

Occasional Smoker, 20 a day, 1 a month, 1 a year.. its all the same. Its still smoking, sadly.

As you mention drink as being the catalyst to you smoking again each time, have you considered a complex detox period anyway? Even if its only while you do step 1 and until you have built up your willpower to a very manageable level it will help alot in the early days.

Right now i expect this seems like :eek:arrrrgh:eek:, but look at it like something that is just totally necessary for you to have a fighting chance at something you want so much. If you will power is being buffeted by night with drinks, then to prevent the risk, you cut out the cause.

Just give yourself this fighting chance, you deserve it, and later when you feel you are stonger to cope with the odd drink.. perhaps then just drink with moderation so that you can have a giggle.

I've seen some folk go full detox after a new year, and it made a terrific difference.

Heres to you for you, your effort and your determination, lets win this thing eh!


I will look forward to reading your progress as you go and wish you all the best. I'm using patches and i believe anyone quitting smoking should use what works for them. Support from here, and indeed friends too is a major positive in helping through the dodgy days too.


Yeah I'm back on the non drinking i think. I actually don't drink often , well not every night, but when i do i tend to drink to get merry (binge drinking i suppose you would call it)

So there it is- no booze- quite sad, not that i'm an alcoholic or anything :(


No your not Jude its just that drinking lowers your resistance to 'the other'. Happens with quite a lot of folk, nothing out of the ordinary.

best o' luck.


Hi Jude

Welcome back - and very best of luck. I must say that posting here every day has been a great help to me. Firstly it makes me log the good times and bad times, and looking back helps put everything in perspective. Secondly, it gives me one more reason not to smoke! I mean, it has taken a lot to make my way down those folders, I'm not going back!

You do what ever it takes - best wishes!


Hi jude, nice to hear someone like me who isnt almost 7 week into quit.. & i havent had a drink infact i refused a couple of social occasions just so i wouldnt be tempted coz for me a smoking is part of drinking. & like you i am not big drinker(like every nite in the house)but on the sometimes that i do go out i like to have a drink & smoke a this stage now though i do feel i could go out have a drink & not smoke..mmm now that is something because even a up to a couple of weeks ago , it seemed impossible. Well no nights out planned for the minute so i cant test myself..but i wouldnt be has scared now

hope this helps be great to hear you x


Hi Jude

Glad to see your back and still determined. Remember reading on whyquit that alcohol is one of the few things that Joel etc aren't saying to confront immediately when stopping smoking as so many people loose their quit over a glass of something intoxicating.

That article you posted was very interesting - only thing I can offer is never take another puff and really mean it, couldn't bare myself to go through the *stopping* smoking stage again.

Myself; was out when had first drink (so couldn't smoke in comfort as had to go outside although it was june and a nice day - bugger I know), would've left if couldn't handle it, have you got your drink exit strategy in place?


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