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feeling..not so great

hellooo day 4, didn't think id be seeing you!

oh my..feeling crap today..not gonna lie..i feel ...awful..i seem to have developed insomnia..lack of sleep is killing me . random leg pains and being unable to switch off doesnt help, i doubt the mountain of sugar im going through is helping aswell going to try cutting back on the sugar today as i really do need my sleep tonight.

Got family round tonight for our usual 3 meat thursday, basically me cooking for lots of peoples..a big roast dins with lots of meat (duh) as most of my family smoke this is going to be difficult but family is important to me so i got to be able to do this, wish me luck people!

oh...anyone else have terrible water retention? my hands are swelling up so much im pondering sticking them in the oven to use for 3 meat thursday tonight..well it would save me the run to the supermarket for some sausages =)

lorna x:D

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Hi Lorna

sorry to read your not having a good day :( i can only say that things will improve the further along the quit you go

Do your family know you have quit yet?

As for the water retention not sure if that maybe a side effect to the champix i would go and see the doctor just to check it out especially if you havent suffered with it in the past

hope your dinner goes well and remember to try and relax taking deep slow breathes sip water and come on here whenever you need to vent there is always someone around to listen





Im not using champex , sorry should have said. I have gone cold turkey..fitting for xmas really :D. thank you for the reply, my family have been told and have been supportive so far. I have an appointment today im not looking forward to i have alot of triggers today but i know i can do this! its only 1 day! tomorrow will be better



Hi Lorna, I'm sorry you're having a tough time at the moment

You're doing so so well though, really proud of you. Hang in there.

A lot of people suffer with a lack of sleep (me included) but it will get better. Your body is going through such turmoil at the moment getting rid of so many toxins that it can be a little rough in the first few days. But, when you come out the other side of this you're going to be so so proud of yourself!!!

And we will all be proud of you too, we already are!

Stand firm, deep breaths, read read read, post on here.

Molly x

Ps, hope you have a lovely dinner x



Sorry im seeing things now that arnt there


i would say i lost the plot but that went out the window years ago


Try to distract you rmind and hands when you feel a crave coming on and keep saying to yourself i will not smoke today

your doing so well :)




Hi Lorna

Really sorry to hear you are struggling at the moment

Please remember it is just a moment in the scheme of things though. :)

Even through all the crap you have going on I loved seeing your smilies ..... says a lot to me....

Deep down there's an even happier Lorna that anytime soon is going to come bursting out :)

I know Molly is going to scream at me for saying this again, she'll be sick of me saying it......but...

Try Rescue Remedy

There's a day and a night variety.

The day just calms you down and the night helps you sleep.

I really do think it works, and it is completely drugs.

Hope you start feeling better soon, I'm sure you will

Well done getting to where you are

Take care



Greg, I could never scream at you!!! I may occasionally spit fluids all over the place but never scream (I haven't the energy!)

I'm getting some Rescue Remedy Night tomorrow (too busy at my dads today)

I like the fact that there aren't any after effects, so you don't struggle to wake up the next morning?

Ta Greg, you're brill

Molly x


Hey Lorna, hopefully you feel a little better as the day's gone on. I was told it's all part of the body healing after years of chemical helped me understand why I felt weird and rubbish (and angry!).

It all passes though; the rewards when it does, the freedom, it's priceless. Well done on what you've done so far, and have a nice evening.

Three meat roast? Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuum! :D



apologies in advance for the rant..

the horrible day turned into the day from hell ='(

I had a bereavement counseller meeting today for my eldest son as school feels he needs to talk about his fathers death. so i had that..went well i suppose but very emotional and spent alot of it in tears so i suppose i dont know if it did really :confused:

on the way home from school my partner has rang me to say my son (he has autism) has ran off! i was hysterical by the time he arrived home..feigning innocence..10 year olds eh? and the dinner i was in the middle of cooking...well everyone has cancelled..that could be seen as a blessing but i could really have used my mum for a chat and a shoulder to cry on but she has decided her shopping is more important ...gaaar..

and now ive wrote all that down i feel like a right moany sod in need of a slap..on the plus side..i have not reached for the cigs. i hope day 5 isnt as bad as today was ...oh god and ive just realised it isnt over yet!!! :eek:


That is a difficult day, you have plenty to justifiably moan about, so don't beat yourself up! Well done for keeping off the fags under extremely difficult circumstances, excellent.


Well done you, going through a day like that so early, if you haven't smoked yet then you needn't this evening if you know what I mean.

There's a saying that smoking won't change anything, easier said than done when you have day like that. You're not being moany, you're doing what this forum is partially designed for; letting off steam rather than reaching for a fag.

Well done, great determination ;) hopefully your evening will settle down now!


Thank you

I am grateful for your rant. I have had a rough go of it and if you can manage all that and still not give in then I can too!

Thank you and keep it up!


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