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Staring at an open packet of fags! Help!!!

Hi - I've been logging on to this site for a while now and have found it really helpful. I quit on 1/7/07 cold turkey, and was very euphoric about it all. Life has suddenly got a bit tricky and have been a bit down, especially as I lost 4-5 stone over a year, and have now put on half a stone since quitting. I'm moving and whilst packing up my stuff found a packet of cigarettes, open. They have now been in front of me for about two hours, and the craving (I know it's psychological) is continual.

I know I should go and bin them, however stupidly they just feel like the solution to all my problems.

Help please!!!


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Welcome Tabitha x x

It's tough and your frozen in a moment like a startled Bunny!!

Just put them under the tap pick up your bag and go for a walk!!

Maybe buy yourself something?!

Break out of this !! you are strong enough!!

If you can't get out throw on some music and dance hard!!


Any issues or emotions you need to deal with you can deal with afterwards,

when your at a calmer point in time.

Right now you need to separate yourself from this situation!!

The tap will be sure to ruin those nasty cancer inducing toxins

and the change of situation ie going shopping/ walking will get you out of this rut and give you time to get over the crave naturally x x ~Buffy x x



Will give the walking a go, pretty sunny here so shouldn't be too much of a trial! Thanks


OO Tabitha put on some of your fav music - have you got a cd walkman or an ipod thingy or mp3. There's nothing as uplifting as listening to some good music while in sun. I love no worries by simon webb - it gives me hope.



It's a beautiful day x x x

Trash those things and walk x x

post back after let us know how you are doing,

Stay strong

x x ~Buffy x x


tabitha, we like you have pretty much quit cold turkey.

We also chose not to smoke on the 01/07/2007

God i still have my shit days. God it hits like a train, but i am now so bouncy, not even a train hitting me could stop this quit!

You like us have come this far. What an achievement.:)

We can do this:)

Same day quit, lets look fwd to the nicotine free future.

Keep it up Tabitha, we are all with you.:) :)


Hi Tab sorry I missed you post earler hope things are ok let us know Linda xxx


Sorry I missed your down moment! I know you are doing well again - you are strong. Those 2 year old ciggies would taste soooooo nasty it would blow your mind. A fresh pack would make you cough and feel sooo sick and terrible after being quit for this long nevermind a pack that is so old lol. Throw those nasty suckers in the trash and stay healthy, beautiful and smelling fresh :D Deep breaths and a nice long walk or a long journal on this forum is always helpful in those horrid weak moments that we all go through!

Head up, keep strong, move along!

Remember to keep us 128



I'm delighted to say that I listened to you all (although rather than walk I went for a beer!!), I poured fairy liquid on the cigarettes and binned them. Thanks for the help. Another day!




You did it and made it and you must take a lot of pride and determination from what you have achieved. Well done you - you're flying......

Hugs to you



Well Done Tabitha

Sorry i missed your bad moment. But it seems the guys/gals were here to help you, which is whats great about this site, stay strong, you have the strengh, you've proved that!


I have been quit for 2 Months, 3 Weeks, 6 Days, 13 hours, 36 minutes and 19 seconds (88) I have saved £442.82 by not smoking 1,771 cigarettes and 6 Days, 3 hours and 35 minutes of my life has been saved my quit date is 29/05/2007 22:00 i have been NRT free since 07/08/07


Ooooh am so pleased you returned!!

and showed who is boss!! :p

That will be you!! :D

~Buffy x x

P S Keep posting x xx x


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