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champix and blood sugar levels help needed

hello all just wondering if anyone that has taken champix if you have experienced high sugar levels as mine are off the charts at the moment my meter just says HI am considering if i should abandon the champix at this stage (been on them for about 20 days now)

am not feeling to flash have got type 2 diabetes and not sure which i should focus more on the quit or the sugar levels



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Not an expert by any means on this but Just a thought, if Nicotine affects blood sugar levels, could it be more the lack of or reduction of nicotine than the Champix ??


I would have a chat with your doctor or smoking cessation nurse, maybe just more blood sugar checks :( would help control the rise in the blood sugar? Just a thought, some medications do affect sugar levels so definitely worth getting it checked out :)


Hi NHS direct will give you better advice than we can on here, but champix is known to raise blood sugar levels so would be good to ring them and ask the question, hope you are feeling better and remember that quitting smoking is beneficial to diabetic sufferers so well done you for quitting.


I think you need to speak to someone medical about this one. Sure you wouldn't have been prescribed champix if it bad for your diabetes (at least I hope not :rolleyes:). My understanding of Champix when we were told about it at the no smoking group was that it was quite "safe" and didn't affect any medical conditions except poss mental health issues.

I think quitting nicotine may affect blood sugar levels but not too majorly. Seems to affect everything else :rolleyes: Anyway hope you get this one sorted and don't let it interfere with your quit.


Yea quitting smoking definitely plays around with blood sugar levels. I'm pretty sure it isn't the Champix. The advice I had was to eat small amounts frequently in order to keep blood sugar level whilst going through withdrawal. I think there's a video about it at whyquit.com, or this thread here:



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