Day 2 here we come!

Well we've made it to Day 2! Was a struggle at times but an early night put paid to any more cravings! Today I feel so much better already! Cravings down 100% and have had about 3 since I got up at 7 this morning! Breathing feels better already and tongue definitely not the fur ball it usually is in a morning! #feelingvirtuous - I'm going to go out most of today as I never, ever, ever USED (see what I did there) to smoke outside so it will help me through today hopefully! Hope everyone's hanging in there ..... !!

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  • Great stuff, good luck for today :D

  • Good luck for Day 2 !!

    Thanks! You on day 2 too Shojam? Good luck to you if you are - come so far now - a/c to my phone app I've got rid of 50% of the nicotine in my body already #whooping

  • Well done!

    I'm also day two. Keep positive, and hope the cravings are painless for you today!!

  • I'm starting Day 2 as well. We can do this! :)

  • Hi DeGee - been a much better day but been out and about most of it and just trying to ignore all the 'smoking' hoo haa - keeps creeping up on me at times but I can't go back .... hope you're managing ok and cravings starting to diminish - as you say we can and WILL DO THIS !!

  • I'm starting Day 2 as well. The Day 1 seemed like an eternity but I succeeded. Day 2 here i Come , We can do this!

  • No I am not on day 2 but I remember it well. The guys on here got me through that day, and the next and the next and so on.......they will do the same for you

  • Well done everyone!! I focused my goal on the first week...some people focus on the next hour and so on. Personally, I did find it easier after the first week so not far to go and the cravings get less and less as you go on.

    Don't give up on giving up.

    lisa xx

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