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No Smoking Day
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hooray week 2 done...week 3 here we come!!

cant believe i am into my 3rd week. Never thought i could do it

I had a funeral thursday, which then lead to some drinks after. Nearly caved in, actually had a fag in my hand, was going to light it and thought about how disappointed i would be. Thought about the nicotine being back in my body and i just gave it away!

I was so glad i stayed strong and didnt have it. saturday was out again, but didnt find the cravings that bad as i now know i dont need that evil fag ;)

I am no longer having strong cravings like i did in the first week, i did find week 2 a toughy but me and my oh both got through it

hope everyone else is staying strong

well done us :)

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Hi Pandaspot glad to hear you've done so well, start of wk 3 for me too.

Well done.


hi Susan

so glad your still doing well. Feels so much better not being a smoker doesnt it:D


Pandaspot and Susanmc,

Congradulations guys! We have made it to the 3rd week.

Pandaspot, you did so well not to cave at the funeral, I think i might use your technique of mental smoking if i ever get the need.

Susanmc, so you still have not harmed your husband yet? From other posts you have been close :) You have done soo well to get to week 3. Your husband has stoped too, how is he going with it?

I ended up having a bad reaction to the patches, so I stoped using them about 4 days ago and I'm feeling sooo much better and starting to get out walking to now.

It just feels so good to be able to breath with ease, not have that horrid smell on your cloths, breath and hair, to taste food again and not feel nausia!!!

Keep up the good work ladies :)

Molli xo:)


Hey Molsta

Not exactly kissed and made up, but we're ok.

Yesterday someone asked me if my food was taste buds had improved and I told them not that I'd noticed.

Then both my OH and I complained that our veg tasted strange, the kids said it tasted same as usual so I take it that our taste is improving.

It is freezing here and pouring with rain, so glad I don't have to go outside.


Well done Pandaspot and Susanmc - fantastic news!

Staying strong together


Well Done to the both of you :)

Onwards and Upwards ... keep it going xx


Day 15 started here too, well done guys for getting here. Does indeed feel better not to have to nip out for a fag, the whole place smells better and i can chase the dog round without breaking into a wheeze!

As for sense of taste, i think mine started to come back about a week ago, i've gone off red wine, and had my normal curry at the weekend and it was bit hot for me! Also, textures of food seems to be different.

All in all, good luck week 3'ers.


Congratulations on getting through what you did and not smoking! You should be so proud of yourself x

I'm on day 15 now myself and had a horrible first week, a death, a funeral then a night out, i would probably have given in any other time but it was a good friend who died of cancer, totally put me off ever having another again.

Well done to you :D


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