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Day 1 here..Day 2 quitting



Not sure if i'm posting in the right place so please forgive me :)

This is my second day quitting with zyban and i've have been trawling the net to educate myself and find some more motivation and came across this forum which seems very friendly.

At the moment things seem to be going ok'ish. i have cut down to 6 fags today from 20+ so not to bad. Feeling a bit flat but having read around its common with Zyban so not worrying to much.

I really want to give up the fags after 30 years or so as i have a new grandaughter and i hate smelling of smoke around her. I smoke outside but it still makes me feel bad.

Looking forward to posting more and getting to know a few here :)



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Ty MHS :) I'm determined too

Welcome MM, I'm a 31 year smoker whose just quit and is now in Month 3 drug free :D

I'm doing it cold turkey and don't know anything about Zyban, but bottom line is whatever gets you there is right for you.

Good luck!

I don't recommend Snus. See my signature. :)

I don't recommend Snus. See my signature. :)

Hahahahaha! Naughty Rogue! :D

(I agree though)

Ok i give up..what's Snus? :)

Noooooo! Don't ask!

Take a look...



THANK YOU :rolleyes:


Z :mad:

Midmale, hello, welcome to the site, congratulations on quitting.

Ignore the whole snus thing - it's a storm in a teacup which has blown up lately because one new forum member is advocating its use in a pretty heavy handed manner, and getting up the nose of a number of people who are doing their best to rid themselves of nicotene in ALL its forms. It's just one of those forum things that crop up from time to time, it will die down, and this IS a very friendly and supportive place, so please don't worry about it.

I think Zyban is the US version of Champix, am I right? Lots of people on here have quit using it, although there have been some negative reactions (nausea, depression etc), depends on the person I think. You're sure to come across someone else using it who can give you advice.

Hope you put that last fag out soon, and start marching down the non-stinky highway. It's a tough journey at first, but totally worth it!


Hi Midmale,

I am on Champix which I think is different from Zyban, but I have heard good results for Zyban so if its helping then go for it :).

If you can, read some articles on, they do help, as does Allen Carrs Easyway.

Wishing you all the best,

Zoe xx

Hi welcome to the forum. Youve found a good safe place.

We'll help you through your quit. were here when you need us.

we'll be strong for you.

Congratulation youve come to the right place.


Ok day 3 and its not going to bad. Still getting a few cravings but the fags now taste horrible and i don't seem to be getting the 'hit' from them anymore so it's really now down to habit i think. I feel quitely confident that i can do this but i know i have a long way to go so i dont want to get complacent. As someone here suggested i'm gonna educate myself more about the addiction cos i do think knowledge is power so it can't do any harm :)

Many many thanks for you supportive messages so far :)

Hi Midmale, yes you are in the right place. Mind you, it can be a bit frustrating when some digress from the original posts! Well done. Quitting smoking can be one of the most difficult things to do but the rewards are tremendous. Keep visiting, most people are very helpful :)

Hi midmale..welcome to the forum it been a great help to me..even sometimes just reading all the posts, loads of info on here and it takes your mind off smoking..good luck..xx:D

Ok I have thrown out all things smoking related now as i want to try a smoke free day tomorrow. Cravings seem to be easing and i feel a bit stronger by the hour.

As i said before the fags tasted horrible anyway and it felt good to sling everything away...kind of felt like i was taking the power back :)

Wish me luck for tomorrow!

Good luck for tomorrow Midmale, the fags do taste horrible so we are not missing anything :D

Zoe xx

Hiya Midmale, good luck for tomorrow & everyday after that :D

I'm using champix too which is similar and working for me.

Denise :)

Stopped smoking 2 weeks, 4 days, 15 minutes ago & saved £137.77 :D

It's a brand new day Midmale, just keep saying no and you'll do just fine :)

So far so good Capitan :) It's now 2 pm almost and i havent had a fag yet.

Been shopping with my daughter and apart from a few moments where i sorta forgot i wasn't smoking i had no problems..the cravings are minimal and the more i go on i'm really beginning to believe i can do doing this! :)


Mick, you ARE doing it :D

Well done :cool:

Zoe xx first smoke free day for many a year :) Feels good although got a few cravings later on in the evening. Also felt a bit spaced out and disconnected which i assume are withdrawel symptons.

Here's to day 2 smoke free! :)


Yaay well done Mick :D

Cravings on first 3 days are bad I know yuksville :eek: but keep going and they will soon ease up :D I am on day 17 and couldn't give two hoots about a smoke woot woot :D xx

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