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Newbie,coming to the end of day 2!


Have spent the last 2 days reading through posts so thought it was time to stop hiding and introduce myself! I have been smoking for around 13 years and most recently on approx 20 a day. Have attempted to quit on many occasions but usually have 'just one' which always leads to just another and another... this quit feels much different, I am having cravings although not horrendous (I'm sure they are waiting) but I genuinely do not want to smoke which is a very new experience.

Hope everyone else is doing well. ;)

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Hi Puddles

Well done on your quit, glad it is going well!! I too did the lurking for a few days but have found that by posting is def helping me!



I was very much like yourself, 20 a day, 19yrs of smoking, quit to many times to mention. Like you this quit is very much different, and I feel this forum is a contributing factor, it is my new addiction.

Congratulations on Day2 completion, best advice I can give you is get on to this forum when having a bad patch. So many people here will guide through to the other side successfully, as I have witnessed first hand tonight. Wishing you all the very best


Thank you both, I think I too may become addicted to the forum! I have been really astounded by the support throughout the threads during my lurking that I had to join myself.

I have stopped with my hubby, which is great having someone sharing the feelings but may not be so great if we have a weak moment together.

First day at work tomorrow will be interesting, may use it as an excuse to murder my boss :eek:

I have my first day at work tomorrow too as have been on hols from work while stopping - good luck tomorrow!!

Thats great u and hubby stopping together - mine has still been smoking which is a bit of a pain but he decided through the week to go for it so he collects patches on tues - I have found champix ok but he says seeing me on them has put him off - didnt realise I was being that moody!!


At least we should be able to laugh at our grumpiness later down the line! I am doing it cold turkey this time as have never had huge success with nrt and was given champix on prescription but got scared by the side effect list. I am already having really unsettled sleep and am constipated :o

That is amazing that you have managed to stay off them while hubby has been smoking, sounds like you have inspired him and hopefully by the time he quits you will be over the worst!

Good luck tomorrow,good to know I'm not alone ;)

yeah I am def finding week 2 much easier so fingers crossed!!

think hubby was shocked that I did it as have no will power (could never manage cold turkey)

good luck tomorrow!

Welcome Puddles (Great name!)

I too lurked the forum before signing up on my eighth day :)

I'm on day 24 doing it cold turkey after smoking for 31 years so it can be done!

Loads of great support on here, pull up a comfy chair and enjoy :D


Murdering your boss is cool but smoking is not :D

Remember to eat regularly, and don't be like me and eat crap :rolleyes: can't believe what I have eaten lol!! Bananas are good to keep your blood sugar up, and frozen grapes too cos they give you something to pop in your mouth and then you get a vitamin C rush. Don't go for junk food though cos I find crisps etc make me lethargic.

All the best to you,

Zoe xx

Thanks Capitan and Zoe

Comfy chair is being installed and very intrigued by the thought of frozen grapes!!!

day 2 feeling good

Hi love to read everybodys experience's,i have smoked for 34yrs and have tried umpteen times to quit,for whatever reason this time is going to be the last time,,mt experiences tell me i feel worse when smoking ,than when giving up.cant bare that dissapointed feeling when u go back to smoking,its day 2 and feeling good, dont get me wrong still thinking of fags every 5 mins, but the fear of what im going to feel if i smoke is keeping me going quite contently..i am using patches for the first few days .

Well done.

Hi Lainey,

Good for you getting right back on with your quit.I know what you mean about the fear of the feelings you'll get if you smoke. I am into my second month of my quit and I still think about smoking and get prompts to smoke from the nico demon, but something inside of me says NO I don't want this in my life anymore and I don't want to go back to the early stages of the quit which were so much harder than now. So please if you can stick these first few days out as you will know things do get easier as time elapses and soon you will be feeling great. Good Luck Lainey ..keep going you are doing so well.



Oh you could be me we are so alike, stopped with my hubby too, around same time, smoked a little less around 15ish a day!

I actually became quite competitive with my husband about it and im not even competitive at all normally but this helped me:) First 3 days are the worst, every day after is better and better and better, well done and good luck! xx

thanks pammie

thanks for the encouragement,now its evening feeling a bit moody, but going to stick with it,just had a few grapes to take my mind of things,i know if i get through the next couple of days things will get better.

Oh you could be me we are so alike, stopped with my hubby too, around same time, smoked a little less around 15ish a day!

I actually became quite competitive with my husband about it

To top it off I'm also from Northern Ireland,although not there anymore!!

Well done Lainy . I smoked for 40 yrs and wanted to quit as soon as i started ,it took me 40 yrs to do it, and now i know that life without smoking is infinitely superior.quitting smoking has become my new career. i think of smoking every day, I just think its more interesting and exciting not to .

All the best to u with your quit .its worth every minute. Nothing is more boring or deathlike than smoking that shitweed.

Mash x

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