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I'm new here and on Day 2!


Hello, I just joined today, I'm on day 2 of quitting. I've lost count of the amount of times I've attempted to quit and using different ways too so I thought support from people going through it too might be the answer.

Anyway I'm 27 and live in nottingham in the UK, I've just moved in with my boyfriend who is a fanatical non smoker, never even tried a ciggie in his mispent youth! I've subconciously cut down to about 3 a day because he hated it so much and the other day I realised that there wasn't any point in having 3 a day so I've quit and I've just finished work and I reeeeeeally want one right now :(

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Hello Absolut!

I'm in Leicester- just down the road :) was at my brother's in Clifton last nite.... anyhow, good to see you've joined us there's lots of support on here- I think it's been a massive help for me joining this group.... I'm coming up for a month free tomorrow with only one slip up-am feeling a little more confident. As for you, sounds like you've already got strong willpower to cut down to 3 a day so you'll just have to russle up some more for the weeks ahead smoke free :o lol

One thing though honey, think maybe start thinking about the reason's you want to give up for you not for the fella(!) Trying to give for yourself is much more gratifying then trying to do it for someone else

Good Luck :cool:

oh I'm quitting for me. I've tried so many times and failed, him moaning at me about the smell has just helped. It stinks and I'm skint all the time! I've never been one for smoking in the house anyway so it's not a huge wrench to stop. It's just the habitual fags I'm missing, like the one I have on the drive home from work.

So although I'm partly quitting for him, I'm mainly quitting for myself. At my peak I was smoking 60 a day (aged 21) now at 27 I'm noticing wrinkles around my eyes and mouth and I know they are from smoking, I'm far too vain to allow that to continue!

Thanks for the encouragement and congrats to you!:D

congrats on the decision to quit

How wonderful a feeling to know you are getting rid of the worst thing in your life :) The benefits will come quick, and it will get easier quickly. I am on day 12, cold turkey, and hardly crave anymore. Whenever you get feeling crazy, that one puff won't hurt, come on here and post to us, we'll reply in time, and we are with you 100 percent! Congrats on taking the first step, you can do it~


hi absolut, well done you, im on my second day too and havent been too bad i find that changing my routine is helping maybe you should drive home a different route tmr ? keep it up xxx:p

well done for getting to day two i'm on day one just taking it a day at a time

Keep going

Hey it's my day 2 as well- sounds like you were a heavier smoker than me- I used to smoke around 10 a day, then did exactly the same as you and just forced a cut down to around 3. This is like putting yourself in a state of perpetual torment though as you spend the whole day craving but then giving in so the cravings never cease!

Saying that tho I did smoke an unquantifiable number of cigarettes whenever i went out - probably 60 was possible lol!!!

Im 29 so sounds like ive got the same concerns as you- except worse cos im single after being dumped last week so even more reason to quit the beast!!!!

Keep in touch... we can scream together through this and you can do some of my ironing if it helps you :-)

Hopefully absolut has been smoke free for a year now :p

Good idea?

maddy- i think thats a good idea! Anyone else want to start a team!!!!:D

Yeah its a mighty fine idea of mine!!

Get in a team, it helps give you that edge in this fight against nicotine! I'm past the fighting stages but I'll lend a hand as and when I can :D

Calling all people want to be in a team!

Cool maddy- how do i recruit? ANYONE OUT THERE!!!!!!!!!!

Blue and Katrina are new too. Why don't you ask them? I'm sure they'd like to be part of a team.

Here's wishing you some new recruits soon! :D


Wondered if you'd notice that. Even before I read your last post I was pmsl !!


oops oops oops i started a war - i did notice that but just thought that perhaps maddy did actually think she had said that lol!!!!!!!! Thought perhaps was just delusional lol!!!

Dont worry im not anti men, prob best if i was- i am however ANTI CIGARETTES and intend to stay that way tomorrow so i'll do what you say and start up a group looks like it worked for all of you.

Can i ask some advice tho as ur all experienced at this- how often and when do you find it helps (and helps u to help others) to visit the site?

Also do u start a new thread each day how does it work?

Also i have such intense cravings have you got any tips in dealing with each one- they make me go nearky insane I cry and everything. I know drinking water helps but also i try and let me mind drift off and take deep breaths. I know other people who havent suffered them like i do - you even see the veins popping out of my hands when im having one. im sure this is not normal!!!!!!:eek:

Cheeky! :p

Question: (for John) Do you still suffer cravings? Pangs? (Pangs not being as bad as craves).

Just wondered. Also, do you feel you have truly kicked it this time and if so, how do you view yourself? Ex smoker or non smoker? I'm really interested in your reply.

If you can be bothered, let me know also of your general attitude now that you no longer smoke and how you feel as a non smoker. Sorry, not trying to be some kinda therapist or nowt...genuinely interested in how you feel now you have gone a few weeks as an AC fan.

Hi Riv

I quit CT this time and found a few things good for craves. Lemon jucie, Water, Deep breaths. and if your able do something like a walk ,dishes, anything to take your mind off the crave. The first few days are the worse its not this bad for every. Post as much as you need. Linda xxxx

new team

maddy- i think thats a good idea! Anyone else want to start a team!!!!:D

hi blue ... yes ill join the team !!! sounds like a brill idea !! :)

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