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Month 2, here I come!

Good morning all, well today is the start of the second month for me.:). My quit is going well and I am still on a bit of a high about it :D

I feel healthier and happier. I feel more confident in my job and personal life now that I am not trying so hard not to breathe over people.

In fact the only thing that is getting me down is my weight. I have put on a fair bit:( despite now riding a bike 3 times a week, changing from white to black coffee and I have not had any chocolate for a fortnight :(

I have been looking at some of the previous posts on here about weight gain and I get the impression that this is normal, but I must confess it is horrible :( Help!!!!

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It's just so horrid when you are doing so well in your quit, debs is right , putting on weight is a bit of shock to the system ( me a stone) but just starting to get back to normal eating habits. Try not to worry to much it is so much more important to keep going with your quit. Can sort the wright a bit later.

Doing a great job, into month two. WOW WOW WOW.

be proud and happy doing fantastic .:cool:


well done cam,with you all the way,a few extra pounds is better than a few extra cigarettes ........xx


Huge congratulations Cam :)

My advice is to concentrate on stabilising your weight for the time being rather than trying to lose any. Keep on with the exercise, substitute low calorie. low fat alternatives where possible, snack on fruit and vegetable crudites with low fat dips and give it time. Your quit is the priority at the moment- the weight will settle down in due course and if you aren't gaining you'll feel much more in control of things.

All the best for your second nic-free month :D


Well done Cam! Month 2 is non-trivial !

A couple of weeks back I was smugly commenting that I haven't been putting on weight due to my 'vigorous' cycling workouts... but yep, you know.. the weight is slowly but surely packing on. :D

Maybe food just taste better !...

Maybe eating as a substitute for smoking @ late hours is not the best way to go....

Whatever it is, we are still on our quits, and just very very happy to see Cam on Month 2. :)

I believe the weight will sort itself out ! One thing @ a time !


Hi Cam well done in getting this far into your quit!

You would have to put on more than 5 stone to outweigh the health benefits of quitting smoking, as everyone else is saying get your quit sorted and then start trying to get the weight off. In all likelihood you will naturally lose it, statistically most ex-smokers weigh similar to their pre-quit weight 12 months after they have quit.

So in the end it is just temporary and a little bit of weight never hurt anyone. Focus on how great your skin and teeth look, not having yellow fingers and smelling great every day!



Very well done on reaching month two Cami, that's great. Don't worry about the weight, it always happens (I read that smokers burn extra calories as well as eating less!).

I liked your post Kirstie, with the statistics - there is hope of losing weight then. :)

I do sympathise, I wear a suit to work, usually trousers, thought I would wear a skirt which I haven't worn for a month and it was so tight it hurt me :( BUT it's still healthier than smoking :)


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