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Days 4-7... How did we get here?


Hello hello all! I hope everyone is well and beating Nic!

Can't believe I am at day 4 already! Kinda weird really! Have been having the "Oooh, I'll go for a fag and then..." moments, but just tell myself, "No, we don't do that now" :)

Last night was the most challenging I think. Woke up around 430am with these stupid painful arms (gym, not quit related) and struggled to doze back off. I did think, "ah, f*** it, I'm going down for a smoke" and seriously thought about it... But I didn't so there's something to be learned from that I guess.

Today's goal: To make something good for dinner (been lazy over the weekend!)

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Nice one Mrs, cook something lovely tonight and indulgent :) :) well done to you xx

N'awww, you guys! :) Thanks!

You can call me what you like really! LOL Mrs F is fine, or Sheryl (what with that being my name and all heheh! ;) )

I am failing at what to cook for dinner though. I might just be lazy and do omelette lol!! (rock and roll baby!)

Hope everyone is having a good day :) x

Mrs F, I do love your daily goals. :) Whether you succeed in them or not it speaks volumes for your determination and focus. I second what Max said and have a feeling you're in this for the duration. There's a sort of Penthouse halo hangs over some quitters and I think I can see it surrounding you.

Nearly a week under your belt now! That's fab. Well done that woman! :D

Skiddaw, you've made me realise that I'm close to a week and tomorrow will be a working week! It's a little bit crazy!! But I am chuffed :)

Penthouse is a little way off, but when I get there you guys best have the Cosmopolitans waiting :)

Day 5... Give me strength!

Thanks guys and girls!!

I am sitting through some BS work thing, a "team development" day. *yawn* Honestly, things like this are such a waste of time!

I have given my head of dept the last of my ciggy stash so hopefully he chokes on them!

(Can you tell I am in a foul mood?! ;) )

Toady's goal: Make sure I don't get arrested for manslaughter!

Sheryl get a stress ball and squeeze it as hard as u can. Realise that anger safely. Enjoy the team building lol x

I may throw it at his head LOL ;)

Ouch stay away from you today then lol...doing good mrs f keep it going :D xxxx

Thanks TG! Of course, everyone knows I've quit smoking so are saying "oooh are you stressed because you've quit"? No! I've been fine since Friday it's just this stupid time waster! LOL xx

Liking your goal for today very much Mrs F! :D

I'm succeeding so far Skiddaw! No arrests here...yet hahahah!!

5 alive!

Day 5... and everyone is alive. No murders nor manslaughters were committed by me yesterday and normal service has resumed, sort of.

Have been a bit clumsy and out of it today though. Probably all that oxygen in my brain but I have spilled 2 cups of tea (because my hand didn't move as quickly as it should have done), forgotten a couple of basic things and seemed to be a bit detached. Like, I was driving home from work and all of a sudden I thought "oh how did I get here?"

How's everyone elses day going?

A bit late but....

Todays goal: Spend 30 minutes reading.

Afternoon lovelies!

Oooh Debbie, I hope you enjoyed it and feel as fabulous as you look :)

TG, how you doing now?

Thanks Jenny, Im plodding along :)

I'm not sure what day I am on anymore hahaha End of today will be a week but I have counted 6 days.... Meh, anyway...

Have booked a hairdressers appointment for the weekend so I will be coiffured and smelling beauuuutiful :)

How's everyone doing today? Any nice plans for the weekend?

Today's goal: Do some work (Fridays are procrastination days really :P )

Afternoon sheryl hope your day is going well. Be nice to have your hair done and not have it smelling half hr later.

I havent planned much this weekend, what u up to x

Yeah, can't wait! Think I might have it coloured next time too... just a chop this weekend though :)

Nothing much planned, normal mummy stuff really... gym, shopping (food, not clothes) cleaning, laundry... the usual cr@p hhehehe :)

I love unplanned weekends, they are always cool. You either get to chill out all weekend or are free to do something spontaneous :D All good! Hope you have a good one whatever you do! X

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