No Smoking Day
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10 very scary :eek: reasons you should stop smoking

10 of over 4000 icky chemicles i used to put in my body in each and every fag :eek:

AMMONIA-- used to increase the absorption rate of nicotine. It's also used to clean your toilet, helps to treat wastewater (poop and pee) and is a key ingredient in liquid fertilizer.

ARSENIC -- used as a pesticide on tobacco plants, it remains in the resulting cigarette. If you have a rat problem in your home, you can use arsenic to kill them.

CADMIUM -- a metallic compound that tobacco collects from acidic soil. Is the battery in your cell phone low? Use cadmium to recharge it!

FORMALDAYDE -- a byproduct of cigarette smoke, this colorless gas is commonly used to preserve dead bodies for burial.

ACETONE -- another byproduct from burning a cigarette. It's also found in nail polish remover and, like ammonia, is used to clean toilets.

BUTANE -- this byproduct is also used to help you light your cigarette, in the form of lighter fluid.

PROPYLENE GLYCOL-- added to cigarettes to keep tobacco from drying out. What it really does is speed up the delivery of nicotine to the brain.

TURPENTINE -- used to flavor menthol cigarettes. This oil also can be used to thin paint and strip varnish from wood.

BENZENE -- another byproduct from burning a cigarette. You can find benzene in pesticides and gasoline.

LEAD AND NICKLE-- Yes, these are metals. Need we say more? :eek:

how scary is reading that :eek:

unless of course your iron man umm but i think even he would think about it very hard first :rolleyes:

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Depending how scared you want to be just investigate:

What's in your beer...


Ammonia caramel

Rhoiso-alpha acids

Sulphur dioxide



Propylene glycol alginate


Big Mac, fries & a chocolate shake....

(not brave enough to look)


As a sidenote - anything with "ase" on the end is an enzyme, so basically a protein, made of the 20 amino acids in all our cells. We have many different proteases in our cells all the time! If we ingest proteins, they are harmless unless we have an enzyme deficiency ourselves (rare) and the proteins and enzymes in our food are broken down and the amino acids used to build our own proteins. So, if people use anything protein or enzyme named, they are just hoping to scare you with big words.

Trust me you will be eating protease in ANYTHING you eat as EVERY living cell contains it!!

Happy help from someone who studied genetics and biochemistry at uni!


:confused: but what you eat doesnt go into your lungs

if i read up about everything i eat i wouldnt eat anything :eek:i do try and limit fast food and im def not been a fan of macdonalds for around 15 years


LOL carol, I was referring to the things in BEER not the things in CIGS! Cigs are evil, and beer has problems but a lot of the compounds listed are natural or at least easily digested.


hehe thank goodness for that lol im a blonde thats my excuse and im sticking to it :p


:confused: but what you eat doesnt go into your lungs

I'll confess that my training was not in the field of medicine but whether you poison yourself by breathing it in, eating it or sticking it in a vein is somewhat a moot point!


you forgot to mention the added sugar and herbs including star anise, allspice, capsicum and 500 other ingridients they use to flavour those death sticks so they taste better? wt@?.

i bet i could name an ingredient for flavouring for each of the alphabet if i researched enough it sucks WE DONT!!!!

never quit quitting

jenni x


But what happens to the body when it is emptied of nicotine?

Yet again you're confusing nicotine depletion with stopping smoking!

Lots of those 'symptoms' are experienced by people still rewarding themselves with nicotine.

Re-posting someone else's poor data is not big or clever.

Quoting ASH is no better than quoting Bart Simpson, just slightly less yellow... :mad:


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