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2 reasons why im not smoking anymore

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ive been in denial for along time as to why i should carry on smoking after all its been apart of my life for so long and i can write lists as long as my arms for continuing but i went to see one of the consultants im seeing at the hospital (as i have afew ongoing health probs)

and she done a graph for me to show me how much of a chance i have of having a heart attack or stroke if i carry on smoking the percentages are 85% in the next 10 years

now that was scary but i still made excuses and carried on

then my daughter shared her concerns with me regarding my awesome grandson kurt how he goes around with a crayon in his mouth like nanny and wants to smoke like nanny when he grows up

(even though i dont smoke in front of him he knows that i smoke)

that scared me more then anything and that def gave me an even bigger reason to stop and for good

so i did my first day of being a none smoker was the day i picked him up to come and stay with me and we talked about smoking and why i dont smoke anymore and bless him he now tells every one that nanny doesnt smoke anymore and that he isnt going to smoke as its not good for you :):)

im of to see the consultant again next week

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Brilliant reasons hun :)

Coming out of denial is a hard thing, but you have done that now.

When ever you are feeling low or have that urge to smoke, come back here and re-read this!! It will help you regain that control again.

Read others too and add to yours as you start to think even more positive:D

Snowie x

Hi Carol - I can empathise. One Christmas, my daughter got a Barbie in a car (A Beetle I believe). And one day she was doing something to the doll which looked suspicious and I asked her what she was doing. She replied that Barbie was having a cigarette before she got into the car.

That (is) was me, through and through. Before I got in the car with the kids I would smoke outside.

You've got some very, very good reasons there - well done and keep going. You're not giving anything up....you're gaining one heck of a lot!


Whenever you have a third party or family member involve in your reasons to quit smoking.. it makes everything so much more powerful and strengthens your wants and desire to quit.

Sometimes, when we think about ourselves... it is hard and we often fall back to convincing taking one or 2 puffs... but when we involve the love of our important family members... we can do anything for their sake.

That's what I did when I quit.. by having a reason that involves someone whom I love and hold great importance to me.

On a side note, Passive smoking kills over 200,000 children every year... which is even why one should quit smoking.

I am sure you can do it and you will.

One tip to help control your cravings would be to drink clear, refreshing water and avoid coffee. It really helps =)

Good luck !!



thanks for the message Jane i have to say that since joining this site and meeting people that know what im going through has helped no end i passed my 4 week milestone on thrusday which was brill for me :eek: but then had a real test later in the day but with my daughter with me to keep me calm i resisted the urge to have just one puff and i did it i keep reading my reasons and also think about my grandson and how he has been since i have stopped and cant wait till my new grandson arrives :):) so when nanny gives him his first cuddle he wont be overwhelmed with the smell of smoke from me

and even though i didnt smoke infront of kurt he could still see me i think thats what got his curiosty going more then anything as he always follows me around the house and used to stand at the window or door when i was smoking so could see what i was doing i had him to stay last weekend and already he understands that i dont smoke anymore :D

2 reasons why i am not smoking anymore are as under:

I want to live long.

I want to give my family a better life.

Hmm, methinks Rocky likes baloney :D

wow i knew i posted this when i first stopped but have only just found it again

:eek: when i think back to those days of making excuses to carry on its scary im sure there is something in the ciggies that gives us a mindset of the fact we cant cope unless we smoke which is aload of rubbish given the fact ive been stopped for over 12 months and in alot of ways i am so much better and dread to think how much worse my health probs would be now if i still smoked :eek:

the biggest plus is my grandsons especially my youngest Damian who has never known a smelly nanny and who wilbe 1 next month Kurt the oldest still remembers and if we are out and we see someone smoking he gives them such a dirty look and says out load "im glad you dont smell like that anymore nanny" :)

wat a lovely post from that first day till now and still smoke free absolutely brilliant

:D thanks its scary to read that post now as im not that person anymore the only time i get a craving as such is seeing someone on tv smoking and just for a brief time i think about oh i really want a ciggie now :eek: and then realise its that demon inside me that is and will always be there waiting to remind me he sulks and stays silent hoping i will forget about him

but i dont forget i just choose to ignore him :)

That was a brilliant post to see Carol, well done on your year. It was really nice to see you getting from where you were to here. One of my reasons for quitting is my son, Harrison. He's 3 and a half and I'm really surprised he hasn't started copying me with the old smoking (i.e. with a crayon etc) but I'm glad he won't have a chance to now I'm quit. Apparently you shouldn't give children a hug until half an hour after smoking a cigarette as they can still breathe in carbon monoxide from you. I'm so glad I'm not smoking anymore.

Lisa X

its scary really with kids as when i was growing up most of my family smoked around us because it wasnt a bad thing to do it was acceptable

i had a conversation with my mum afew years ago when we were talking about how my brother who was younger then me had ashma but the doctor never once said not to smoke in front of him it was only as he got older he grew out of it or as we thought but in fact his lungs just got used to the smoke in the air :eek:

as to the hug side i feel really bad because i didnt realise how much it stayed on my clothes not untill i hugged a friend afew months ago and had to hold my breathe as it just made me feel so sick with that yucky smell and when i thougth back to how Kurt used to rush to hug nanny when i went to see him it certainly bought it back to me im surprised he never said anything as he is normally very frank lol mind you no doubt thinking about it he didnt know me to smell any other way :eek:

Yes I know what you mean. My husband has asthma and his mom used to smoke all the time around him. Like you said doctors didn't know there was a problem with it and weirdly his lungs got used to it. When he left home though, when we would visit he was coughing all weekend and it made him really bad. His mom has since quit so that's good for her. Also, I did think a lot of the time that I really smelled when cuddling Harrison. Just reaally happy that I don't anymore. XXX

I too like this post Carol from the beginning to A year on! sorry for late congrats from me but would just like to say well done you for keeping on going and getting to the brilliant 1 year. Hope you celebrated with style :)

sorry didnt see you had posted on here kitkat:o i hardly think about smoking now unless i can smell it but as to triggers i dont really get them

my life has changed so much

mind you for about the first 4 months or so everytime i was getting ready to go out i kept thinking im missing something and wander around the house looking then it would dawn on me what i was missing in my bag or pocket also realised that it was the actual habit of smoking that kept me doing it rather then because i wanted one maybe if i had thought about that when i was smoking i would have realised sooner and saved even more money

onwards and upwards as the saying goes :)

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