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I'm new & STOPPING on National stop smoking day! My reasons...

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Hi i'm new on here & these are my reasons for stopping the dirty habit. :)

First of all a bit about me, i have been smoking for nearly 5 years, i smoke GV roll ups - probably about 20 plus a day depending on the day. I am 31, a mother of 3 children, i didn't smoke for a good 10 years prior to starting again. So here i am rearing to make a change for the better. I have always been someone who is very 'health aware' & take good care of my body & looks & even preech to others about how to look after themselves for a living. :rolleyes:

My reasons why to stop.

1. I am about to go into hospital to have 3 wisdom teeth removed, one of which is tricky. I am scared!!! & i know it could be much worse op's when i'm older if i carry on smoking.

2. I am fed up of coughing like an old hag.

3. I don't want to die young from some horrible desease. Plus those pictures on the pouches are pretty grim. Yuk.

4. My children HATE me smoking & i worry what infuence i am having over them.

5. It costs so so much with no real benefit.

6. I feel quite anti-social at times amongst friends that don't smoke.

7. I want more energy. ( I have young horses to start this year & need all my energy.)

8. I want to be able to dance, run, ride or do whatever i want without feeling puffed.

9. I don't want to be dependant on any form of intoxicant & live a more peaceful healthy life without substitutes.

10. I want skin that glows not skin that looks dull & aged from smoking.

11. I feel it will be a clean break from my past & whatever caused me to start again. It couldn't have been anything positive.

12. To be proud that i don't need to smoke to be happy.

I have ton's of reasons 'why' but let's face it, it is a habit that we wasn't born with & it isn't something that we need. It's just a bad habit. I'm feeling very positive about stopping. ;):D

Thanks for reading.

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Here's another good reason.

Feeling like your pushing your kids out so YOU can have a quiet fag or 3.

hiya fallen angel

welcome and great you have all the reasons to stop set out. put them up where you see them on a daily basis to keep you strong.

you sound really strong brill keep coming on here it will help.

in my first feww weeks i was on here all the time, was so helpful and everyone is great. I dont come on as often now but pop on every so often

take care

Sue xxxx:)

Good reasons and Go for it.Put those reasons on a card and carry them with you.Take them out when the urge hits. :)

Thanks tigerpaws and dUBBS

Lets see what tomorrow brings. I may sound strong now but ooh er... thats just today. Can't wait to be in 6 weeks time, having given up, op done and all is in the past.


Can relate to an awful lot of your reasons. I love chilling with the kids now without finding reasons to pop outside for a smoke. I love jumping on the trampoline with them and still being able to breathe.

You will love the non-smoking you, keep all those reasons somewhere safe and look at them for encouragement.

From tomorrow take it one hour/day at a time, keep busy and keep positive. Read up on all the stuff in peoples signatures, mine included, and be aware of all the changes your body is going to make, they are all for the good.

You will find great support on this forum, and you can always PM.

Wishing you every success, speak to you in Day 1 tomorrow.

Lorraine :)

One of my main reasons were i was sick and tired of paying to kill myself. I am only 20 yrs old and started smoking when i was 14/15. I used to be able to run around a football field and not even break into a sweat, but now a run down the road and am dying before a put 2 steps in front of each other.

Now after 22 days i feel a lot better, i can run and feel good.

1. I am about to go into hospital to have 3 wisdom teeth removed, one of which is tricky. I am scared!!! & i know it could be much worse op's when i'm older if i carry on smoking.

Hello - I know you were asking on another part of the forum if cold turkey was better than nicotine replacement quits.

I went cold turkey because I was having an operation (which incidently went wrong and I didn't heal properly because I didn't quit until the day of the OP). My surgeon also told me that it's nicotine that clogs your arteries, restricts blood flow and interupts the healing process. So if you stop smoking before an OP, but think it's ok to use NRT's instead then it's a big mistake. NRT's are equally as dangerous in that respect.

Just wanted you to know so you don't suffer the same problems I did, your OP goes smoothly and you heal quickly.

Here's another reason. Not why i want to quit but more what really motivated me to stop. In a word REIKE. Yes thats right. Now some of you may find that a little odd but all i can say is anyone reading this who is finding it hard to stop, please go and try it out.

I had a treatment and after i literally went mental spending my days de-junking my house of unwanted things, paper work....EVERYTHING, issues with family and relationships, ex husband then i got to work on me... :eek: I knew i had the op coming up but i never thought i'd be able to quit smoking, loved it too much and enjoyed the whole ritual of smoking - never thought i'd stop end of..., BUT i just made the decision to stop and i did it.

This is the result of reike, it has a very positive 'cleasing affect' on your life. I have now gone on to be attuned and even use it on my horse. I'm actually still quite stunned by the experience. Even now when things get tough i look to my higher good and cleanse my soul. :D

Told you... a fallen angel lol.

I'm so much stronger than i ever used to be. When i'm ready to do distant healing i'll be there for all of you. xx

Good for you fallen angel. Have not tried Reike but if it makes you feel that good perhaps I should. Definately up for a bit of distant healing :D

Gaynor x

^First on my list^ :cool:

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