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No Smoking Day
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Day 10 Very Angry!!!

Hi all,

I'm really enjoying reading everyone's experiences here, I don't feel so alone.

Well I'm on day ten and I'm still using an e-cigarette. I have moved down to a lower dose nicotine but I'm finding that I'm hardly using the cig compared to when I was a smoker.

I feel like I have PMT permanently.. very impatient and angry (sorry men!) but at least I don't feel as teary and lost like I did the first week.

As nobody responded to my first post should I assume that ecigs are not approved of here, but I am really using them as nicotine replacement.

The way I see it when I don't use them anymore if I ever have another blip...(gave up for 3 years previously then back on for several years :rolleyes:) then I will shove one of the ecigs in my mouth instead of the evil sticks of death! Also I can get them without nicotine, so in another two weeks I will be giving that a go.

I can honestly say this has been much easier than I imagined it would be although week one was difficult. Wishing everyone well and lots of luck


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Day 11 bit angry too

My anger more related to a rubbish day at work and my shower leaking through the kitchen ceiling than the quit but definately there.

I have never tried an e cig but if it is doing the job and keeping you off then who cares.

I am using patches and also wonder if the right thing. I know Allen Carr books make a big thing of no substitutes, and the nicotine addiction will need defeating, but one thing and day at a time.

I also put a couple of post on and had no replies, enough to make you want to start again:D

Good luck


Whoops, sorry both of you. But having said that, both of you are doing great. Why? Because you've started on this excellent path away from slavery to the dreaded nicotine.

In terms of how one starts their quit I'm never prescriptive. That's me but I think the majority feeling on the forum echos that. The way I look at it whether one quits through NRT, hypnosis, Allen Carr, e-cigs, snake oil, etc...it's just the starter to the journey. Initially one is breaking the habit and then dealing with the psychological aspect.

It does help if you read and educate yourselves what one goes through in a quit process. You don't have to be slavish with everything because tbh a quit is a personal journey and no 2 are the same...even if it's the same person having 2 different attempts...it's different.

A few of us members have links in our sigs where you can find further information which will augment the advice available here. Don't hesitate to question, to join in, to shout, to laugh...whatever. Although I'm sure the mods will have some questions to ask of you if you slash the furniture.




Sorry you had no replies, tis most unusual ??

I think the boards have been unusually quiet since Christmas. I'm sure normal service shall be resumed shortly :)

Well done on starting your quit journey's, as Cav said there is lots of info in peoples sigs and previous subject posts to get you going. If you google no smoking and your problem an old thread from here usually pops up whihc I found useful for research and help early in my quit.

As for ecigs, whatever it takes to quit anything goes here, one of my Sep group members has successfully quit with ecig so I can reccomend it works for at least one person :D

Good luck both and keep up the good work!



Sorry you guys got overlooked - it is unusual!

Well done both of you on getting this far, you're doing well and as others have said, what method you use is up to you.

My only beef with the e-cig is that I believe the nicotene withdrawal is only the first step in a quit, and a massive percentage of it is breaking a habit. I can't help feeling that using e-cigs (or herbal, come to that) keeps reinforcing the link with smoking that needs to be broken - in a way that patches or gum don't. What I mean is, you are still using the smoking action when things get tough, and while I can see that would be comforting, it doesn't help to break the associations.

However, that's one part of my opinion. The other part is YOU DO WHATEVER YOU NEED TO and as long as you're not smoking then HOORAY! So feel free to ignore the other part.

Welcome to the site. And keep on keeping on!

Helen x


Awww sorry you guys, didn't see any previous posts you put on....like the others have said, to get no responses is unusual but yeah christmas and New Year was probably the reason for that.

There's a long term e-cig user on here.....called pfaber he's been using e-cigs for his quit for 100+ days now. I'm sure he won't mind talking to you about his experiences with the e-cig.

It doesn't matter how we quit as long as we don't smoke fags....as people we are all different therefore our quit methods are all different, thankgod we have a choice these days huh?

Feeling angry is part of quitting as is feeling down and teary.....I completely lost it most days during my first week or so quitting. I'm into day 80 odd and burst into tears in front of a male work colleague...he kinda said "um" quite a lot...poor guy. Anyway...emotions running amok, feeling tired and unwell, coughing up a load of crap, not sleeping properly, not eating properly, tongue/gum/mouth ulcers, farting a lot, etc, etc, etc are all part and parcel of quitting. Welcome to the club, I'd give you a sticker if I could like you get at the dentist when you were a kid. Well done and we're all in this together. So keep quitting, you know deep down it's for the best.

Lisa x


Thanks everyone - there is somebody out there! Lol at Andrew's comment!!!

Re Lisa's comment Have two matching mouth ulcers on the underneath of my tongue either side and they're really painful - so.. that's just part of it :rolleyes: Oh well maybe it will cut down my eating - I'm really enjoying food at them moment! :D


ha ha ha I'm liking food a bit too much as well. I can't fit in my new jeans :(


I'm going to start addressing that soon as the more I put on, the more I will have to loose. I'm not going hell for leather though, quitting smoking is my main priority and I don't want to stress myself out thinking I have to loose weight as well. Hopefully I won't keep stuffing myself silly as my quit settles down.

Here's to us! The new healthier us!

lisa x


Just slightly rounder!!! :D


im having the same probs Lisa :eek: i know ive been quit longer then you i did start losing some weight till my health just decided to down hill again its really doing my head in atm:mad:

im going to see my doctor on friday for a chat :o

i know afew people that used the e cig and have stayed quit and as afew have said the association hand to mouth is harder to break but at least your fooling your mind which is good

the mood swings will improve

onwards and upwards is the way to go



hello all

day 9 and a half for me,

have to admit to a sense of humour failure this morning due to an internal domestic dispute regarding who should wheel the wheelie bin out ..apparantly i do as i always go out for a fag in the morning ,,, anyway i manged to wheel the wheeliebin after conceeding that non smokers also have the ability to complete this task . i never realised that!!

just to add to the patch , ecig or cold turkey comments , i agree everyone is different and will quit in the way best for them. after numerous other attempts with cold turkey and ecigs i have learnt that it is the actual habit of going for a cigeratte i needed to get out of ..so far this has been fairly straightforward and find myself not automaitically thinking about it when i would normally ( apart from the wheelie bin ) though i have found the patches from yesterday make me feel a bit grotty. i will stick with them and face that issue in a week or so ..


I reckon it's the blokes job to do the wheelie bins (sorry kmh I don't know if you're male or female). In general, the women do most of the cleaning including the toilet so blokes can get down and dirty with the bins. Well that's the rule in our house and if my OH wants to take on a women quitting cigarettes then he's more than welcome to try and take me down. C'mon then!

Lisa x



your right ref cleaning ,,bins etc i am happy with that arrangement :D

all though i understand ( though it may not be true )that there is a cleaning fairy in our house that picks up the clothes off the floor , washes , dries , irons and then puts them away.. no idea if this fairy is male or female :eek:


I was only kidding...my OH doesn't seem to mind taking out the bins....and skips, well I think he's in love with a good skip. What is it about men and skips???



lisa, i know your joking .

you cant beat a good skip ,,i may order one for the weeknd take my mind of smoking


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