No Smoking Day
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Its too early on day 4

Im up early to make sure my boys get off to college ok and i dont like this time of the mornng it makes the day seem too long.

Having my first wobble :confused: I always lit up as soon as my eyes opened (oh god how disgusting is that) Doing some deep breathing here and trying to eat biscuits so i can take my champix.

Here goes day 4

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:(:( struggling here today. Cant seem to get smoking out my head. Best keep busy.


Stick with it Moony - we all know how hard it is. We also all know how important it is!

Think of all the reasons you are putting yourself through this.

Be strong



Don't give in Moony, you're doing fantastic. Chew some gum anything to keep your mind off it. The craving will pass. Is there anything you can do to keep busy.

This craving will not go on forever remember that, it gets easier. Refuse to budge and get throught it.

Lisa x


Thanks, yep i have loads of housework to do so will get on with that. I have gum to chew also. I knew it would hit me sooner or later the last 3 days have been too easy. I wont give in, not a chance because i will do it this time and i mean forever.


I'm watching you Moony!!! :-) Your NOV Nope Stalker here!

You have done well to get through the last 3 days - I know your not going to let a silly plant get the better of you! :-)

Keep it up and if you wanna chat - just PM me!



Cheers Chris, im sitting here stuffing chocolate biscuits down me face:o I will think about me weight later i cant be doing with everything at once.


Are you dunking those biscuits in tea - if so - making me very jealous!!


yes into me coffee;)


Hi Moody you can do this stay focused im also from the NOPE group so here to help. Just try and keep busy and chew. Jacqui.


Thank goodness that day is over, what a nightmare its been. I ended up sleeping for nearly 3 hours this afternoon just so i didnt think about smoking. I then went off to work (in a pub :rolleyes:) and ohh my days was I craving but im home now and i did it. I managed to get over my worst day so far.

Bed for me i think and thanks for your support today, much appreciated x


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