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its day 4 for me and i feel awful is this normal?

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I was sick within 30 minutes of my laast cig. I have been to doc. with what feels like the flu. nauseous tired all that stuff. the chked me out took my blood and said theres nothing wrg with me. said it may be withdrawels from cigs. does anyone know about this? can i get any advice. i am teriffied here being sick and not know why. please respond soon. chrystal

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I'm no doctor but it does sound like you are withdrawing from nicotine.

Flu like symptoms are very common. I don't think that most people actually vomit though. I never did and i've quit cold turkey 4 or 5 times now. If in doubt maybe you should telephone the NHS helpline (sorry I don't have the number).

Let us know how you are feeling


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FEELING SICK FLU LIKE doc says im fine

i feel so ugh. its day 4, and im exhausted. i have slept mostly the past three days. i am sick to my stomach and so blah. my heart races and i feel so ugh. i think my heart races cause i am scared to death being sick and not knowing why. anyone else feel this way before? please help...

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Hello, i've also stopped a few times, never been physically sick or heard of anyone else being this sick.

I would doubt its the fags, especially if you were sick 30 mins after your last fag, i bet you've gone much longer without one when you were smoking.

Have you eaten anything funny recently?

If i were you i would make another doc appointment with a different Doctor, whether is due to stopping smoking or not, being sick for 4 days would worry anyone and i would defo want a second opinion!!!

Hope you feel better soon!!:)

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I agree with choco,

Being sick 30 mins after last cig doesn't sound like withdrawal! however bet you don't feel like smoking? :p

It sounds like a viral bug, if the fever runs high, your being sick for more than 24 hours or you are becoming dehydrated I would advise returning to the doctor, the GP may not of picked up on the bug when you last visited.

Keep up fluids use paracetamol to keep down temp and don't overheat yourself, sleep when tired.

Sickness sucks and I hope you feel better soon x x bright side is it helps the quit!!

Do let us know how you are doing x x

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I am feeling much better. I still get a strange feeling now and again in my chest. it doesnt last long, and feels like heartburn or a feeling of having swallowed a pill and it didnt go down. but other than that i am feeling great. if anyone knows what this feeling is plz. do tell. ty

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Heya glad your feeling better x x Perhaps it is heartburn!?

Possibly it could be ulcer too if the feeling spreads to the back, really you need to check up with the doctor if you are at all worried. If it's getting better I am sure you'll be fine again soon x x

drinking water regularly (sipping not gulping it down!) will make you feel much better too.

Keep it Up!! ~ x X x X x ~

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I think it may be anxiety or something. I do get heartburn easier now and without eating since i have stopped smoking. I had my gall bladder out 2 years ago, and it does sometimes feel like heartburn. But its strange it sits on the chest plate directly on the edge of the right breast. and just feels like a pill logged there. I dont understand. today it has been there for an hour and i took antacid but still there. Im not in pain no shortness of breathe and all that heart attack type stuff. I dont know what it could be.

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Well if it is anxiety related and your worrying about it, it aint going to go away!! lol

It may be related to the sickness you've just been going through, try to relax x x Another trip to the doctor may help you put your mind at rest and recover quicker, than if your stressing too much x x

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