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Day 4 - not a happy chappie!

Have to say day 2 I felt so grim I didn't even want to talk! Just wanted to go to bed and sleep so I didn't feel that pain day 3 was great when I felt so much better. But it just creeps up on you. I was expecting today to be a good one but day 4 is equally as painful. I can't believe the grip these things have on you. Now I'm only 5' 6" but I keep thinking I'm so much bigger than a cigarete but it is so much bigger and stronger than me! I'm SO struggling here guys ...I've made a million excuses to go back (hey we all have to die sometime ...why not enjoy the journey ...), but each day that I complete I feel so much imore in control of all areas of my life.

WHY did I EVER start! Have to say, it is so good to feel part of a community enduring the pain alongside me...

Just want this day to be over ...


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Welcome to the forum and the start of your journey to freedom Fintan :D

I completed 8 months free a couple of days ago after smoking for 31 years and I remember so well how you are feeling right now.

People kept saying it would get better and whilst you want to believe, you often think that it might have got better for them but you can't see how it's going to get better for you.

Well it does! I'm now one of those people who are saying it does get better :cool:

You will have ups and downs for a while, often even after a few months, but the craves do get weaker and easier to deal with.

Eventually your mind will come to see not smoking as normal and smoking as not normal, completely the opposite of what it thinks now.

At 8 months I know I'll never smoke again because I don't need or want to. On Day 4 I had one of my 2 really major wobbles followed by another on Day 8. I had others, but nowhere near as bad as those 2 days.

It was tough, really tough, but I knew once I had got through those 2 days that I could make it and I have! :D

You can do it too, just think NOPE - Not One Puff Ever. Too many people think they can handle 1 puff and then end up back smoking again.

If it helps, when it's really bad, just get through one minute and one hour at a time. Trust me, and everyone else who will tell you, it really does get easier and you really can get to a place where you just don't want or need to smoke again.

Use the forum for support, it really does help and there are some inspiring people on here. Without them, my journey would have been twice as hard.

Good luck, keep posting and remember - NOPE! :cool:


This sounds silly but ...

Thanks SO much Gary! Same age as you so in all ways I think you can relate ! Just needed a friendly voice and you've come up with the goods! Afternoon all planned out ...a crap movie on TV and 8 tons of Imperial mints! I'm goin' to see it through but I'm going to have to find a 'Quit Mints addiction' website soon! All the best!

Cheers, Fintan. :o


Ahh, there are too many of us 21 year olds on this forum ;) :p

Just a suggestion, watch the diet. I piled on nearly 2.5 stone in the first 6 months. :eek:

At that point I felt the smoking was getting under control so I started eating healthily instead of eating everything and anything in sight!

I replaced sweets and junk with lots and lots of fruit. The weight is now coming off and I'm loving all the different types of fruit again, something I didn't really bother with when I smoked.

I wish I'd done it from the start and watched my weight but hey ho, it's coming off now. :cool:


21 again!

Yeah right! I won't see 40 again and that's for sure. Weight never been a real problem for me (sorry), still if I do pile on the pounds I can always work it of going clubbing and all-night raves (!) (translates as going to bed at 9.00pm with a cup of Horlicks and BBC iplayer with the omnibus edition of The Archers!!!!!!) ha!

Actually,feeling better so think to yourself, you did something really nice for someone today! Thanks a million! Fintan.


I'd never ever had a weight problem either until I quit!

I hope you escape it then.

Thanks for your kind words, but we all help each other on here so it's all good. :D

Enjoy your day, speak to you soon :cool:


Hi Fintan and welcome to the forum :D

You will find as Capitan has said that the further into the quit you go the easier it wilbe come

Just think about the fact that your getting the control back of your life instead of ciggies controlling your every waking breathe and over a period of time the pluses will get more and more

taking each day at a time and just keep telling yourself that im not going to smoke today will help

distract your mind with anything that will take your thoughts away from smoking and pretty soon you will start to have first hours then half a day and then days without even thinking about smoking

also keeping a positive mindset will help you more then anything everytime you get a negative thought try turning it into a positive one and when those pesky voices try to tempt you with lies like one wont hurt or one will help dont believe a word :eek:

Most people on here will tell you that they never ever thought that they could stop and stay stopped but they have it is doable joining this site was a big step for most including me as everyone here understands exactly what your going through and the vast amount of people all at different stages of there quit is staggering knowing there is someone here to help makes a big difference

keep posting and keep reading both will help with distracting your mind

onwards and upwards is the way to go




keep going,

Wise words from Carol and Capitan:D

There isnt a quitter who hasnt felt the way Fin feels at some point.Its just a case of getting over this crave and being prepared for the next one,because there is always a next one :confused:

My skin is looking georgeous if I must say so myself and teeth are getting a lot of attention,esp when crave comes,and the pain deep in my lungs has all but gone so the good points outwiegh the bad a thousandfold.


I'm only at 20 days so no expert! but I can honestly say it gets easier and quite quickly.. the first few days I felt that I had a head full of cotton wool and the craves seem to last all day. Now though, I still crave but nowhere near as frequently or as strongly. Just hang in there and do do whatever you need to to get through each day - I have formed a new addiction to pear drops!!


Us 20 somethings have to keep our end up! You are bigger than it or else you would have succumbed - simples.

It is tough but those old-timers on here prove the possibility of staying quit. Keep at it a day/hour/minute at a time and when it messes with your head as it surely will, remember it is only 5' 2" so you can look down and head-butt it to the floor:D

All the best


Shout out to everyone here!

I am utterly blown away the level of support and kindness on this forum hell with smoking, if you guys ran the planet between you, we would have the kindest most compassionate world imaginable.

For all for you who have got me through this day, I can only wish you the very, very best in life.

Smokers (should say EX-smokers) really do have an insight into what makes people tick (guess it comes from those hours we spent standing on the street in the pouring rain puffing away and dishing out wisdom to anyone who passes by)!

Very proud of you all.

Fintan xx


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