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day 4 and not so cocky!!


Well i made cool is that, i have moved up a group and i'm delighted. Not feeling quite so chirpy today OH is driving me nuts, he went cold turkey and is on wk 5 and to be honest with you...he's doing my head in!!!! Soooooooo grumpy. Anyway...i'm in my little office....people smoke in here and it stinks but i'm thinking maybe i'd like one ( i don't really want one) I find work the hardest part of my day so i'm going to take myself off out for a walk and hopefully that will time i will convert them or at least make the office no smoking heehehee hee hee

keep at it all you non smokers.....i do feel better for it already.

Dippydoris xxx

smoked 30- 40 a day for more than 20 yrs

Tried many times

This is the right time, using champix

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Hi Doris,

Sorry your not feeling too chirpy today but I agree that going out for a little walk will help:) I've actually taken to doing a bit of walking myself when I've felt a bit crappy, so I invested in a little ipod (only a cheap one) and it makes my walk a lot more enjoyable and makes me forget that I'm feeling rubbish:D

Hope the rest of your day picks up

Lottie -x-

What office do you work in where you can smoke? Didn't think they existed anymore!!

Well, i'm lucky enough to live in Gibraltar and when i arrived here years ago it was thrilling that i could buy 60 fags, a bottle of water and sweeties and STILL get change from a fiver, however, the downside of that now is that you can smoke everywhere...fags have gone up but still less than 2 quid a pkt and everybody and i mean everybody smokes!! But hey...if i can do this here i can do it for good,

Well done all of know it's getting better

Well done Dippy. Good idea to go for a walk. That is one way we are lucky in this country you cant smoke in any enclosed buildings so we can go to the pub etc and not worry.

Trendy... i tried to add you as my friend but i'm a biff...dunno if it's worked...would you be able to know that??

Cos i'll be your champix buddy....keep going , keep smiling xxx

Trendy... i tried to add you as my friend but i'm a biff...dunno if it's worked...would you be able to know that??

Cos i'll be your champix buddy....keep going , keep smiling xxx

Just had a look and you are on my friends list. Thanks for being my champix buddy lol X


Was giggling that your mum doesn't even know you smoked!! made me smile , thanks xx Glad you feel loads better too and yep, it's the smell thing for me too...i must of STANK !!!

Hi Doris :D

Sorry you're not so chirpy today but hang on in there OK toy're over half way through the first and worst week and things will get easier I primise

It must be awkward when the others smoke but when they light up do as you said and take yourself for a walk or at least get away from it for a little while

As you say you already feel better for not smoking don't slip now


Marg xxxxxxxxx

Lottie - so glad you are still here. How are things going?



Yep I'm still here, can't get rid of me that easy:D

Things are going really well thanks, have the odd moments where I feel a bit...blah, but other than that I think I'm getting along rather well.

How are things going for you?

Haha Doris, I was also laughing at CJM when I saw her mum didn't know she smoked:p

CJM - Sorry to hear your having problems sleeping, I don't mean to make you feel worse but my sleeping has been fine, if anything I've taken to having naps in the afternoon on my days of from work, go figure lol

Hmmmm I think your hubby needs a sound kick up the backside, you carry on being stubborn!:D MY OH has been quite good with me (his never smoked) he's just very surprised I haven't been as moody as he thought I would, just a little mood swing here and there:)

CJM...ur a scream!!! In a nice way.

Just read your post titled grrrrrr! I cannot believe u didn't hurt him. My poor husband is on wk 5 and doesn't seem to be enjoying any of it. he's sad, grumpy, miserable...i wonder if this will pass? He went to the shop and bought 20 cigs this aftn and after my wobble this morning...well.....they are still intact i'm pleased to say. We have had a bit of a tough day, we're also at each other all the time ( not nice) They are taunting me, smoke me, just one, go on, have it

Give me strength

keep me laughing

long may be we married

we will do this

Sorry, had to get that off my chest but it just doesn't sem like much fun today nor such a brilliant idea...i''m sure u all know what i mean.

Dippy xx

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