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A Really encouraging day

I went to see my spe******t today, he's pleased with how Im getting on but has recommended hydrotherapy to help loosen my shoulder a bit more. Im not complaining I lurve hydro. He was also very pleased at how the wound was healing saying he was shocked at how well it was healing as I was a smoker, it was lovely telling him that actually Im not and he was pleased forr me too.:D

After that I decided to go over to my work to hand in my sick note for the next month. Everyone was telling me how well I looked, that my skin was better etc but the best one was from a work friend who asked me if I had had my teeth bleached. How great am I feeling.

I havent been into work for a while and I gave up smoking as soon as I came out of hospital so I suppose they can see the changes better than those that see me every day.

So all in all a good day, and one that has made me even more determined never to pick another cigarette up again. :D:D

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I didnt know that special ist was a dirty word but the forum wont let me type it lol xx


Thats great news Lillie. this forum has athing about some words that you wouldnt beleive, like certain dental procedures. its just weird what you cant type..

mash x


Yes I noticed that spe******t is a dirty word when you typed it before LOL!.

So glad your shoulders on the mend, and that loads of your colleagues have noticed you're different from not smoking, what a boost!!!

I bet you were so satisfied when you told your consultant that you weren't smoking anymore.

Glad to hear everythings healing well and you sound so happy mate.

Lisa x


Thanks both, actually it was more satisfying telling my colleagues, they used to scoff at me when I said I was going to quit. :D


Glad to see that your having a much better day today.:)

I felt very sorry for you yesterday.:(


Hi lillie,

I'm so glad you're seeing loads of great changes, and that you can now be a smug non/ex-smoker. :D

Jen x


Ohhh its lovely Karri. The pool is that warm its like taking a warm bath :D Jen, thank you so much, I am really looking forward to being one of those obnoxious ex smokers who sniff at the smell and look disaprovingly at people who light up, LOL not really :D

Awww grumpie thank you. But I am a woman and compliments will always outweigh pain lol x

Im still in pain so keep the sympathy coming :D

lillie xx


I meant smug at the colleagues who thought you couldn't do it!

I used to have a friend who really went to town on the disapproving glare, waving her hand in front of her face etc (she'd never smoked, which was quite a minority back then, in my town anyway). Needless to say, it didn't work... :rolleyes:

Oh and big hug for you, and hope the shoulder eases up soon.


Hey Lillie. my fellow Oct 2011 quitter, I had no idea you were recovering from an op, so pleased things are on the up.

Know what you mean about being motivated by people who scoffed when you told them you were quitting. My eldest brother laughed at me. It made me think f**k you, I'll show you. Now there's a word the software will amend!! But you know what I mean...

Onwards and upwards....



****? do you think so lol? I just had try he he he


well done lillie it is really satifying wen some one comments on how good you look a real boost

since quitting everyone thinks i am about 30 years old i am infact 41 i love it didnt even need to go on the programme ten years younger , just quit smoking lol


Hey lillie,

Isn't it amazing how much difference a few short weeks of not smoking can make for us:D Hope you really lapped up all the compliments you got, you so deserved them;) And I hope your physical probs get sorted soon, knowing how positive you are though I reckon you will soon kick them into touch:)

You are doing absolutely fabadabadoo and you are a definite candidate for the penthouse. I am so proud of you. Wish I looked better but I don't yet, so off to exfoliate my face again, damn wrinkles....:D


Zoe xxxx


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