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Really really tough day :(


Sorry folks, moan alert!!!

Feeling a bit sorry for myself, away on business (first time yet) and feeling home sick (You think at 28yrs old i'd catch myself on!) and new project has taken me out of my comfort zone! Been travelling since 3am this morning so very tired and didn't get a change to put my patch on until after 5 this afternoon!

Feeling so stressed and just keep thinking wonder would a ciggy make me feel better. I know it won't and I'm probably getting strong craves cos this is probably the most stressed/low I've felt since I quit!

Don't worry I'm not going there just needed a bit of a rant so thanks for reading if you still are lol!

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Sorry to hear you are having a rough day MrsMash.................I am 42 and still get home sick lol

You know you are right when you say a cig wont help..........stay on here while you can and keep occupied

Sorry if thats not much help but stick with it

Amanda x

You moan away!! we dont mind listening at all.;)

I hope your trip isn't for too long, it will however be another experience for you as a non-smoker:)

Hey congratulations, it is one month today for you.:D big cyber hugs x

So true wot Max says.

Hang in there Spud.

Changes make us a bit nervous and nervous means leaning on a fag,that's how our brains used to work as smokers. Re-wiring required and that takes time ;)

It takes time to re-wire but u will get there.

I tell u what I started doing, I started drinking my twinnings herbal tea again.

Less caffeine and more uplifting herbal natural tea instead.

Very calming, it's worth a go.

Even the cleanse herbal tea is good and the revitalise & restore tea is a good boost, plus don't forget to pop ur multi vitamins it all helps the way we feel.

Glad u came on to rant, instead of a smoke thats a good look!

Love Nadz x

Thanks everyone!

Thank you for all you lovely replies and cyber hugs!

I had a really early night so feel rested today :)

Here's hoping to a better day!! Feel the fear and do it anyway :)

Going hope this evening woohoo can't wait to see my son and husband!

Thank you all again soo much xx

Ur welcome

Glad ur feeling refreshed hun...xx

Oh what a stinker of a day Mrs M :(

Glad it's over now and you realised having a fag wasn't going to help!!

Max is right, we have programmed ourselves to think having a fag helps with stress and stuff but it doesn't!!

Well done :)

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