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No Smoking Day
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Day 6 - Really Struggling

Hi All

My name is Anthony from Glasgow, aged 34, smoked since I was 14, approx 20 a day.

My first two days were so easy, I couldn't believe it, day 3 till now has been hell. I'm so depressed, so demotivated and so close to going back to smoking.

All of my quit reasons now don't seem to matter, I just want a cig.

I'm on a 25mg patch, 4mg lozenges and yesterday the pharmacist also gave me the inhalator. I convinced myself if I just got the inhalator I'd be ok. I'm so desperate for that feeling in my mouth/throat, the feeling of inhalation.

The inhalator hasn't actually satisfied me, in now contemplating one of the electronic cigarettes. I was on my way to buy one but turned back as I think it'd be a real step backwards for me. But I'm no back in the house thinking about it again.

I've barely slept since I started patches, horrendous nightmares and it just seems to be getting worse. I'm so angry and irritable, my wife has been getting it in the neck all week.

I apologise for such a negative first post, I guess I'm hoping someone will tell me it gets easier by day... ?



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Hi Anthony

sounds the nicotine monster made a visit . I have days that are real easy and then days out of nowhere I am struggling .

I use the chewing gum and the inhalator. I read to drink a little water and I think that helps.

Don't give in you almost made a week and will get easier with every hr you get through it .

Look on the forum , there are tips and all sorts of advice.

I hope somebody else can give you more advice.

You are doing so well :D


Hey Anthony

Welcome to the forum, I am sorry to hear you are havong a bad time at the moment but good news I can tell you it defo gets easier as time goes by.....you just have to hang in there.

The best advice I can give you is to read, read read. There are plenty of useful links in peoples signatures which I am sure will help.

Try sipping cold water as lots of people here say that helps with the cravings, the important thing is to get through 1 minute / hour / day at a time.

Keep up trhe good work!!!


Hi Anthony,

Just keep hanging on in there, it does get easier, bit by bit.

Is there anything you could distract yourself with? A film, a book or something?

Maybe a walk would help burn off some of your irritability and tire you out so you sleep better? Or even a nap now if you can?

You can do this! :)


Hi Anthony. It has already been said - it does get easier, honestly. Personally, I wouldn't recommend the e-cig. If the inhalator doesn't help, then it probably won't make you feel any better either. For my first two weeks, I didn't stop eating. Partly to stop myself feeling so deprived, partly to keep myself occupied, and partly through fear, because I was used to smoking after food!

Grit your teeth and see this phase through. Come on here and bitch all you like - everyone here knows what you are going through. Good luck.


Thanks sincerely everyone for the speedy replies.

Somehow just getting my feelings down on paper (if you know what mean) has already made me feel a little better.

It's great to know others are going through the same. God this is a horrible addiction.

I'll certainly try sipping the water. The poor dog has never been out so much in his life, he's looking at me and I know he's thinking, not again :D

MrsT, you used a word 'deprived', well that's EXCTLY how I've been feeling.

I keep thinking, how can I/other people enjoy life without cigs ? It's crazy I know as my wife doesn't smoke but you know how hard it is to shake that when as another member says 'the nicotine monster gets in your head'.

I'm writing now though with a renewed sense off wanting to quit and at least I still haven't smoked.

Thanks guys and good luck to everyone else who is trying to quit.


Hi Anthony ..

6 days is brilliant

its a journey of bad days ... and suprisingly good days

good feelings ... good experiences

i have grieved for smoking

i missed it so much

but the days go by ...

read and read and read .. come online when crave

and write ..

and one day .. YOU .. Will b in control

not the monster

Best Wish's with your quit :)


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