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Is it really 150 days!!!


The title says it all really:) I've just realised that today is 150 without one puff. I knew that it was 5 calender months on the 21st but 150 days!!!!! wow, where has that time gone.

Right up to last week I still had too many thoughts about smoking and couldnt believe that one day I might actually get through the day without thinking about the little buggers!! but guess what, that day maybe nearer than I think. Ok, this weekend I DID think about them but not in the same way and it was only for a fleeting second and not the whole bloody time ha ha.

All I need to do now is shift this extra lardy arse that seems to be following me around:o

Good luck to all new quitters. Believe me, it does get better.

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:D Well done on reaching another milestone :)

wont be long before your up in the penthouse sipping yummy cocktails :)

That's FANTASTIC chickendoodle! Not just the 150 days, but the fact that those times are beginning to creep up on you where you suddenly think 'wow, I haven't even thought of smoking for 24 hours!'. It really is like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel isn't it?

HUGE congratulations to you xxx

Big congratulations to you :)

Well done chickendoodle, really proud of you. Like you I have to keep checking periodically how long I've actually quit for on my quit meter...somewhere around 5 months for me I think. It's great that we're not really consciously counting days anymore it means that smoking is no longer on our brains so much.

Congrats on the milestone and here's to another 150.

Lisa xxx

Well done my liddle chickadee. youve quit smoking and now your a lardarse Ha Ha Ha. welcome to the five month wobbles. seriously well done


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